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im making weed tea

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by modern-hippy, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. i opened a chamolimile tea bag and poured out the contents... filling it with a gram of shake, semi low quality bud. I'lll let you know how it goes.
  2. I've wondered how this would work. Please do keep us posted. I have some tea blends I'd love to give this a shot with. :D

    btw, even if the pot isn't in the tea it's still good to have with the blaze.
  3. #3 modern-hippy, Sep 1, 2008
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    Definitally...i love tea.. i should also mention that i just eyeballed out a gram.. could be more or less... the water is heating now
  4. sooo...... my vote is in.... marijuana tea definiatly works, and definatly gets you high pretty quikly. i began to feel more stoned then i already was before i finished my cup, and it tasted so bomb i had to almost guzzle it.
  5. So all you did was put a tea bag in, a gram of weed and then add water? Sounds pretty good alternative to smoking. Are you sure it works?
    Please give a detailed outline for the tea, thanks!
  6. calling BS right here, THC needs fats, etc. etc.
  7. Yeah it's not water-soluble and needs butter or lemon juice to actually absorb the thc and activate it in your drink if you're making weed tea. And you definitely need more than a gram if it's low grade bud. A gram of dank will more than suffice though.

    But just the other day I had some kids I knew from high school talk about pouring all their shake on a pizza and just eating it and that's just a waste of weed.
  8. if your really want to make a weed tea you need to use the leaves of the plant and let them soak in a cup of tea for about five minutes.
    your not gonna get blazed like you would of a joint but it taste different and helps you relax.

  9. don't call bs before you know the facts.. how'd you make it man?

    i've made tea before... threw in a half a stick of butter and used a lot of cream. got a steady buzz off around .6 or .7 :hello:
  10. Yeah but your butter and cream has the fat that absorbs the thc when you boil it, he just tossed the weed in with some tea from my understanding.
  11. k yea the fats help and i think that maybe the tea wasent potent but dont say stupid things because thc does dissolve in water just not very well
  12. it sounds like you did it wrong. i have been making weed tea for about 6 months now and what you've gotta do is put in a shit load of butter (about 3-4 tablespoons per cup) and add cream and sugar. if you just do it with water then there is a very good name for it, "placebo effect".
  13. I've decided I don't care if it works, I enjoy smoking:bongin: so I don't need a new method of getting high. props if it works for you though...

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