im making weed legal..

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  1. ok im tired of marijuana being heres what im going to do..and you should all do this too..(i live in Oregon)I just planted 20 plant and i am going to cut all the males but one..I am going to take 1 male and 1 female plant and put them away from the other females..and when the female buds and is covered in seeds.. I am going to take ALL the seeds and give them to people and plant them In Public parks or schools or vacant lots..and soon the city will be overflowing with sweet bud..I know some of the plants wont live but lets say 30 do..that would be amazing to see a plants growing in parks and at school wouldnt it!(yea i know ppl at school would cut them down) this should make a impact on the laws if everyone did it ehh?
  2. That just might make things worse for us, but go head i'd love to see that on the news
  3. yaeh maybe if the goverment sees that all the kids are going around planting tree in all the parks and steet corners then they will realize how heinous the anti pot laws are.

    you my friend...are a genius

    im gonna e-mail this to norml theres gotta be an award for this type of ingenuity.
  4. chances are all the plants are gonna be smoked or just destroyed before they've even finished, and you'll probably be arrested, and planting at a school is the worst thing you could do
  5. if he was a sucha genious he would know that this has been thought of and done
  6. yeah its called sarcasm...
  7. if you really want to do something, go collect about 10,000+ seeds from south america, africa, the middle-east, or asia and then next spring soak all of the seeds in a tub of water for 6 hours and get a pilot to fly you around during a rainy day and just drop 1,000 seeds in 10 different fields. :p
  8. that would be great to see on the news. plant them in public planters, gov't buildings. all it really takes is dropoping a seed into soil
  9. The government has already proven they don't mind ripping up hundreds and thousands of plants at grow sites. Why would this be any different?
  10. they'd be publically ripping up plants at public grow sites, and since seeds are free (unless you purchase them) people can theoretically plant shit anywhere. I think im going to plant a couple of seeds outside of the bank LOL
  11. Too right.
  12. im gonna plant seeds at my house, that way ill have a product for my effort
  13. overgrow the government, if everyone in ur town started throwing handfulls of seeds wherever they go. Noone can be blamed. and we might end up with some smokeable bud
  14. I think I'm gonna do the same thing, but just with my feminized seeds, where no one can find them. Come back at harves ttime and see how well tehy've done on tehre own.

    If I have left over seeds, mine as well throw them in the Square in town. They'd get ripped up after they're about 2 inchs tall though, 'casue the place is always weeded and shit ?
  15. Man, why rip this dude? Why be sarcastic?

    If you don't like someones post/think it is stupid don't reply!

    notallama, go for it! Plant as many as you can! :D

    Great idea :D
  16. Yeah dude, if they arent picked as weeds (like the bad kind lol) then some 13 year old kids will come along and recognize the leaves from their cellphone backgrounds and grind up the stem and leaves when its 2 weeks old and try to smoke that lol. Kids are so stupid, I sold a couple of leaves to some kids for $20.

    But actually, if we can get all the "farmers" in the city to do this in their respective towns, the media and gov will see how many ppl are growing and smoking pot and maybe it will be easier to get laws changed. Or maybe that will just make us tokers seem irresponsible and make in harder, but it would still be funny to see in the news.
  17. I've seen this idea before on t.v. it said their plan was not to overthrow the goverment but to overgrow the goverment and it showed pictures of the whitehouse and lots of other landmarks with weed plants all around it.
  18. Lots of kids have told of this idea before.

    Never heard of any of them doing anything about it.
  19. you cant just think up an idea
    u have to be active and get ppl involved
    if ur gonna do it then go all the way
    good luck man
  20. At least hes getting of his couch locked ass and doing something.

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