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  1. A stoner movie with my friend. Here is the plot and storyline:

    The story revolves around two stoners, Chris Duane and David Lawrence. Two friends going to college together. It starts showing the characters wake up on dual screens and get ready for school. In the morning they meet outside and smoke in Chris' car. They go through school with David staring at nothing and Chris paying attention wide eyed to everything and drawing his notes. Finally they end up at David's house after school. Chris has the last of his weed and thinks they should smoke some, but definitely get more.

    They call everyone they know, and everyone is dry and completely out. Just when all hope is lost David suggests they call "Ol' Dude"(His name is never really said) since he's always good to go to. Ol' Dude picks up but has nothing at the time but some ok mids. Ol' Dude refers them to a dealer out in copper field who has a nice new Chron called "Vanilla Kaz". Chris and David receive Marshall Forbes' number, and embark on their way to his house... after a bit from the bong....

    On the way to Marshall Forbes' house they realize that they have to past the mall, where Chris' crush Brittany works. They stop and go to Brittany's work and proceed to buy munchies. While there Chris musters up the courage to ask for her number, to which she replies "I'm married and I have a kid"(That really happened to me btw). After the incident the two head back to Chris' car to get back on track.

    Back on the road the two pass a hobo on the side of the road at a stoplight playing a harmonica. The hobo is picked up with the two for his skills on the Harmonica. With the hobo now in the car, it turns out the hobo is a stoner and has some weed. They pull over for some bong rips. Eventually the hobo(Who before this time has said nothing but random words) begins to speak very clearly and intelligently about weed and life, and other in depth subjects. They are checked on by a sheriff but they act straight the whole time barely keeping composure.

    They continue on to get closer to copper field. As they near, they decide that Chris has just enough money to buy some snacks from Walmart. They pull over and go in Walmart, yet as the hobo nears the walmart he pulls out some newspaper and lays on a bench staying outside. Forgetting about their "Budget" they fill up a whole buggie filled with cheeto's, chips, pops, and other snacks. Their total comes out to be $102.57. The Walmart employee forces them to put everything back, while they still bought what they could pay for. While replacing items, David drops a bottle and they are told "Break it ya' buy it". The two run full speed out of the store to save their weed money and finally go to get the Vanilla Kaz. They wake up the Hobo and speed off.

    While Driving the Hobo disappears(hitch hiker ghost style) and it is back to just Chris and David. They pull up to Copper field and knock on the door where Marshall Forbes told them. They are let in at the wrong address where a very awkward conversation ensues. The two walk across the hall to the REAL address and finally meet Marshall Forbes. Marshall Forbes introduces them to the Vanilla Kaz pkant(PLAYED BY OUR LOVELY PURPANGELA :D). They buy their weed, and light up a nice blunt and Chris and Duane share the stories of what they'd been through to get there.

    Camera zooms out with Hobo narrating over them. Hobo walks off screen.

    I'm proud of myself. What do you guys think??
  2. Can I have some opinions please?
  3. you need to add more ppl not only 5 main chars...
  4. Seems like it could be really good if a little more thought was put into it. Develop the characters a little more and put in some other mishaps that could happen while on their adventure to get weed. maybe the car could be shitty and it starts to fall apart while on their way to the guys house. maybe they could run from that cop or whatever. You just need to put more stuff into it. It sounds like a good beginning though for sure.
  5. it should also have a badass soundtrack...
    and it should have twist in turns...and you can't forget almost all movies have something love related thus making it good when you think about it you digg?
  6. They should do somthin crazy, kinda like when cheech an chong get beemed up by those aliens. i always like when a stoner film has a ridiculus element.
    good luck with it:D
  7. Thanks for all the comments. As for the running from the cop, that was the original idea but was taken out, but just now got reworked back in(lol). Also we're on a low budget so we're trying to make everything.... doable. You know? But we will think of some more shit for sure.

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