I'm losing my sense of self rn

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    Why does it feel so good and liberating to put myself into a state of mind where I completely lose my sense of self. I feel like I'm just an observer to my own feelings and emotions and can detach at any moment and gain a 'higher perspective'?

    Maybe I'm just super high. I tried to Google it but when I search 'lose sense of self' etc all I find are negative posts about it being an issue and how to get it back?

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  2. Look up Depersonalization. You'll find lots of info on the web.

    Yeah, it's usually seen as a negative that people want to go away
    so they can get back to "Normal".
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  3. Delusions bro, weed Induced delusions
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  4. Ok thank you! I can see why it might be a bad thing to some people now. But when I experience it I feel euphoric in realising that there's something that goes far beyond my own ego. I'm assuming the ego is what people are trying to hold onto and I can understand why it could be perceived as frightening. Maybe like I said before, I'm smoking too much potent and growing a dillusional third eye lol

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  5. Hopefully that's the case! We wouldn't want psychosis settling in
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  6. It seems to me that the “sense of self” serves the purpose of translation between the body and the world - interpreting input and understanding the effect of output. This sense is necessary, as without it, there would be no reason to sustain life.

    Our language and the lessons we share with our children tend to emphasize an over importance of this sense. Ego is merely an attempt at conceptualizing an enigma related to this sense, and the impact of it’s perceived importance on the psyche.

    This sense is no more who you are than is what you see with your eyes or smell with your nose. They are all just energy moving through the part of an organ tasked with adding cohesion to the body’s interaction with the rest of the physical world.

    This is the root of psychosis - the fabrication of a reality that is out of cohesion with that which lies outside of the body is the result of viewing this sense as “self”, which manifests into an often harmful prioritization of this made up “self”.

    I wouldn’t necessarily call the loss of delusion a bad thing - but anything seen as counter culture is generally discouraged in one way or another, which itself can be the cause harm.
  7. I think what you are trying to convey is not "losing your sense of self". In regards to weed, losing your sense of self is more like a person who was an extrovert before smoking weed, but now weed has made him more like an introvert where he is more shy, lazy and more to himself. That outgoing person that the person once was can be considered as a person who is "losing his sense of self".

    Hope that makes sense lol.
  8. There’s definitely a difference between being self aware and delusional.
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  9. A change of perspective can be good. Stepping outside your ego and looking at who you are and what you feel through a different lens can be beneficial. You referred to it as a "higher perspective", I think that's missing the point of what it sounds like you want to achieve. And if you find that you're only satisfied or are far more satisfied only when stoned, you should really take a look at your life and sort out whatever is making that so. Unless being used for medicinal purposes, weed should be viewed as a luxury imo. And luxuries are secondary to the stuff that really matters, like potentially having shit sorted out that you want to step away from with weed.
  10. When you see that you are not your thoughts but the observer of your thoughts, the experience is very liberating as it reveals there is the observer, and that which is observed. In that space or stillness, you are more of who you really are. The next question would be...

    Can the one who sees this also be seen?
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  11. This happens anytime I am trying haha.
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  12. ...so if you can see that you see, who is it who is seeing that?

    Is there something that cannot be seen? That is just you. A core you. And what would you be like to see from there?
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  13. Blame society. No time for individuality when collectivism is all the rage.

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