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    I need help... Im really intrested in the Vapir No2 Ive used and i like how it is.. Ive also used the MFLB and its pretty good but not as good as the Vapir. Id like your guys opinions on these vapes.  This is my first vape! i want it to last!

  2. please please please dont buy a vaporizer because you used it and it worked better to the one other vape you have first hand experience with.
    With that being said though I don't know what your looking for but it sounds like vapor thickness and quality is a main criteria?
    If that is the case then it must be determined portable or desktop and here are my suggestions for each
    DaVinci Ascent- Great Vape all glass pathway, very small and stealthy, convection/conduction combo
    Inhalator- Another great small vape, although I do not know as much about this one I have only heard good things so I am hesitant to suggest it.
    Arizer solo- Not as stealthy as the other 2 but the price is cheaper and the vapor quality and thickness is there as well. convection/conduction combo.
    you wont be unhappy with any of the 7th floor vapes:
    silver surfer vape
    da buddah vape
    life saber vape
    all of them use the same electronics and heating elements, they differ in somewhat small ways
    SSV and DBV are very similar but the SSV has a small intake hole so it allows for thicker vapor hits and has a tilted heating element to prevent herb from going into it.
    the LSV is the most different as it has an all glass pathway (the other two are whip style) and is pretty oriented towards vaping through glass although you can do that just fine through the SSV or DBV with the purchase of a $10 adapter
  3. The No2 is one of the worst vaporizers I have had the displeasure of using. From personal experience the arizer solo is a better vape than both the No2 and the the MFLB.
  4. I would not recommend the's sucky. that said I don't like vapes that much. if you're going to smoke. just smoke.

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