I'm looking to get a degree.

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    Hello. I'm here because I plan on opening a dispensary in the near future.

    Before putting any plans into motion, I want to start by having some type of credentials.

    If I were to get a degree, what kind of degree would be best to have before starting my business?
  2. Horticulture or Business. But hmmm after going to school and paying for that. You'll have enough to open a dispo? How much have you saved?!?!
  3. Where are you from? Have you checked your areas laws and all that cause I was considering the same thing but here in Maryland they are only allowing 2 dispensaries per legislative district. So pretty impossible plus Maryland is requiring us to get our DEA License because it's considered a "controlled substance" (Complete bull shit they just want to make as much money as they can off of it) but just make sure you do a lot of research in your area to make sure it's even going to be possible! Best of luck to you, Hope you succeed!

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  4. I don't have anything saved up right now. I'm really just in a planning process. I want to figure out what steps I need to take. But that's one I'll look into.

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  5. I live in Texas. I want to move to AZ. I have have a friend down there who's willing to partner up. But we want to to do it right. What type of laws and regulations are you looking into in your state? I'd like to search for Arizona.

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  6. I'm also a veteran. I'm going to be using my GI bill for it. I'll be getting some money from that too if I do. So if anything it can help me save up more. Thoughts?

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  7. Not trying to discourage you but it costs upto 100,000+ for a legal dispensary here in Cali and that's just for the license (HA!) ,probably a lot more in Arizona since they didn't pass recreational. It's more about Cash than having a degree. A degree will only get you so far, I'd start thinking about a loan. A degree really won't teach you how to operate a dispensary. So much goes with it, school didn't help me with the ins and outs. You need to be prepared to hire lawyer, buy or grow product, pay legal fees, how do plan on transporting money and or keeping it?

    I'd take some business classes accounting, etc. You should learn how to do your own books. Once you get a building with product, and a lawyer to handle the legal aspect, everything runs smoothly.
  8. Your best bet is to do what I did and call to find out where you can find the regulations and laws. I went to Maryland.gov got the number and called. Sounds crazy but they were actually very helpful. I'm sure you can get ahold of someone in AZ to help you find all the information you'll need.

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  9. Sounds like you've only been thinking about this for a couple of weeks. To say that you plan to open a dispensary in the near future without having saved up any money at all is a bit..too.. optimistic.. isn't it?
    Even if you had the cash in hand, wouldn't it be better to have plans to open one in a state that doesn't have medical or recreational? If you want to take such a large risk, why not take that risk by being one of the first dispensaries in a newly legalized state? Would give you time for school and to save up and research most of what you'd need to know.
    Just my opinion. Good luck tho :thumbsup:
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  10. I thought about the loan. It's something I'll most likely do. It'll help. But at the right time I guess. The fact that's it's not recreational down there is part of why I wanted to do down there. I figured even with my shop open, I could help the movement and hopefully one day if it does pass, I can expand. I like that you mentioned cost. This was helpful.

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  11. This is another reason why I'm looking into getting some sort of education first. But looking into other states does sound like a good idea. I don't see Texas legalizing any time time soon. And I can save the money in time. Thank you.

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