Im looking for volunteer work in British Columbia. Anyone help me out?

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    I'll keep it simple.
    I currently live in a quiet Scottish village and I am bored as it gets running the same week in and out working as a chef. I'm really keen to check out BC and have been looking for work (which there is plenty of) pretty much doing anything. However I absolutely f*cking love marijuana and obviously don't want to give it up and dissapear into the beautiful Canadian wilderness. I want to enjoy myself but trust me I work hard and I'm really up for a change in my life.
    So if anyone in British Columbia is looking for volunteers or a live in worker please give me a shout!

  2. I'm not sure what you're really asking here, other than just asking for a job... which I highly doubt anyone can give you.
    That said, are you looking to move to the interior of BC or van? What type of work you looking for? Loads of foreign people working at the resorts and stuff, not sure if that's what you had in mind but.
    I don't mean work as in paid. Kind of ranch work things like that whatever really I'll do it! I'm looking for a gap year sort of experience but at the same time willing to work
    If you are doing a gap year, I'd recommend checking out Whistler, Sunpeaks, or banff/lake louise, or a place like that. Loads of people doing gap years from the UK or australia. 

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