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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by eastcoast781, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Hey, I've down a little growing in a small hydroponics box but I feel like it could do better I'm very interested in switching to soil and converting my closet to a grow room, that being said I'm looking to talk to an experienced grower about the best way to do this. Please shoot me a message or comment and help me out I am a medical marijuana patient so it's a legal grow

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  2. If you are medical, can you grow outside? You could build a cheap greenhouse and get a good yield. 
  3. I would but more then half the year is below 70

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  4. You can heat a greenhouse but they are not always secure.
    man if you want to grow spend $200 on a 1,000w light.
    Big lights grow big buds.
  5. The greenhouse would help keep the temps up, they are easy to build. I build cheap, locking ones and put a locking fence around that. 
  6. Hey bro, why do you want to switch away from hydroponics?  A lot of people struggle with it at first, but it's actually really simple.  You have to invest in a pH meter/PPM meter to really be successful, but those tools are almost critical in soil grows, too.
    Why not discuss the problems you're having with your hydro grow and let us help you solve those!
  7. I'm not having trouble with any of that, it's just the grow box I have is really small like 2 1/2 ft tall and like 1 ft tall and I feel like a bigger space would be better , and I'm not using that closet.

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  8. Growing in a closet is very doable and is not difficult. I grow with CFLs and just harvested 6oz on two plants. If you let me know the size of your closet I can give you a guaranteed affordable system to get you set up. I've been doing closet grows for over 20 years. I'll be more than happy to help you anyway possible
  9. PH meter/ppm meter are almost critical in soil grows? Not true. I have been growing in soil for 3 years and never had/wanted/needed one. Organics ftw

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  10. Hi BeerBrewer,
    You're either lucky, or a talented grower.  Perhaps a bit of both, but I'll assume the latter.  Your forum name suggest that you probably have good wraps on your water quality.  Most people aren't so inclined, especially those just starting out. 
    Additionally, every water source varies, and who knows what people put in their soil.   If there's ever a problem with a grow in hydro or soil, pH is one of the first variables to check, especially when people are asking for help on online forums.  If nothing else, it's important to rule out pH problems, to get a better idea of what could be going wrong in someone's grow. 
    I prefer to know what's going on with my plants, rather than guess.   It's also very difficult to help strangers troubleshoot over the internet without it. 
    I'm not arguing your point, but I used the word "almost" on purpose.   pH meter is an inexpensive insurance policy.
  11. What kind of lights are you planning on using/currently using? I've done a number of closet grows and I've had problems with heat when using HIDs. But then again, I live in an area where its 100+ for half the year...

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