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Im looking for documentarys that open up your mind?

Discussion in 'Stoner Movies & Documentaries' started by XAVIER9SEVEN8, May 23, 2010.

  1. I watched DMT Spirit Molecule the other day it was pretty good. Wants me want to try it even more.
  2. John Butler ftw!:hello:
  3. We need more here, I have learned so much!!
  4. Once again I recommend:

    Sit back and watch and let your mind be blown in a thousand ways. Through this documentary you will realize how life itself is really just a small phenomenon when compared to the rest of the galaxy and how it works.
  5. It's about 50 years old,but "Mondo Cane" is great if you can find it.
  6. Food, Ink.;)


  7. This should blow you away...not just theory, but pretty sound evidence of Rosicrucians and\or the NWO.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Brad Meltzer's Decoded: "The Georgia Guidestones" (FULL LENGTH)[/ame]

    Here's a very nice and thorough accompanying article:Sinister Sites: The Georgia Guidestones | The Vigilant Citizen
  8. Azorian: The Raising of The k-129

    I stumbled upon this on netflix last night. Very interesting doc involving the Cold War.
  9. Taxi to the dark side i think this movie is really awesome in which taxi drivers of the united state tortured in the afganistan...

  10. just so you know half of what they tell you in food inc is total bullshit
  11. Which part?
  12. This one opened my mind right up.
  13. Just recently started watching Werner Herzog's documentaries. Only watched two so far, but both were done with excellence.

  14. well, for starters, they have not genetically modified chickens.
  15. i watched this a bit ago. it's about 9/11 being an inside job.
    9/11 Truth Rising

  16. dude... they can genetically modify anything nowadays, i bet they've used it on chickens.

  17. I think .food ink. provided good & important information to every Person (American) to educate themselves on the foods they are eating.

    Total Bullshit? :mad:

  18. yeah but they havent.

    Weve gotten these huge chickens through breeding.

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