Im looking for documentarys that open up your mind?

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  1. Im looking for some documentary's that open your mind when you smoke.. When your watching it i need it to have impact on you any suggestions
  2. documentary called a force more powerful - about nonviolent resistance in history.
  3. then you should go to "the big picture" forum and go to the sub forum "stoner movies & documentaries" instead of just posting it in seasoned tokers. Not saying we here in the seasoned tokers board cant answer this but there is another forum for it.
  4. Check out anything the BBC has ever done. Always very insightful - especially in the sciene/nature category. Infact I'd go as far to say the BBC is the best maker of nature documentaries world wide. Discovery Channel/National Geographic/Eden etc. buy most of the BBC's features. Anyway dude enjoy, theres plenty out there. :wave:
  5. John Pilger - War on Democracy, The New Rules of the World.

    Both are MUST SEE.
  6. "What the Bleep Do We Know"

    watche dit last night actually for like the 10th time..
  7. I got two for you. Both came from other peoples posts that i watched.

    The first is call The Elegant Universe and is about the unification of quantum mechanics and Einsteins relativity equations through string theory. Its trippy as fuck and worth a watch.

    The Elegant Universe - Part I Einstiens Universe

    The second is about weed in general from the history to the science. Very informative documentary and also very much worth a watch. Send it to all your friends who dont like weed just for shits n giggles.

    The Union
  8. Sorry I don't have it but the documentary on Pablo Escavar is really good.
    You don't fucks with him lol

  9. Escobar. ;)
  10. Who killed the electric car?

    Here is a description ofthe movie, it doesn't do it alot of justice but I promise it's very interesting to find out the we once a fast car that was powered by nothing more than electricity and the only one left has no working parts and sits in a museum.

    It begins with a solemn funeral…for a car. By the end of Chris Paine's lively and informative documentary, the idea doesn't seem quite so strange. As narrator Martin Sheen notes, "They were quiet and fast, produced no exhaust and ran without gasoline." Paine proceeds to show how this unique vehicle came into being and why General Motors ended up reclaiming its once-prized creation less than a decade later. He begins 100 years ago with the original electric car. By the 1920s, the internal-combustion engine had rendered it obsolete. By the 1980s, however, car companies started exploring alternative energy sources, like solar power. This, in turn, led to the late, great battery-powered EV1. Throughout, Paine deftly translates hard science and complex politics, such as California's Zero-Emission Vehicle Mandate, into lay person's terms (director Alex Gibney, Oscar-nominated for Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, served as consulting producer). And everyone gets the chance to have their say: engineers, politicians, protesters, and petroleum spokespeople--even celebrity drivers, like Peter Horton, Alexandra Paul, and a wild man beard-sporting Mel Gibson. But the most persuasive participant is former Saturn employee Chelsea Sexton. Promoting the benefits of the EV1 was more than a job to her, and she continues to lobby for more environmentally friendly options. Sexton provides the small ray of hope Paine's film so desperately needs. Who Killed the Electric Car? is, otherwise, a tremendously sobering experience. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

  11. Im really interested in this but I cant find it anywhere
  12. Africa Unite, a film about the Marley family, Rastafarianism, Africa in general, and some brief history of the continent. Very cool to watch, there are some lie performances on there, made almost entirely abroad.
  13. the planet earth movies are played out but awesome if you havent seen them.
  14. Oh, and anything on the History Channel.
  15. religulous with bill maher fuckin great.
  16. The Panama Deception, it won the Academy Award for best documentary. It's about the biased US media and the illegal invasion of Panama in 1989. It's on youtube
  17. Dude, you want something mind opening? Watch this shit - Evidence The Case For NASA UFOs | Conspiracy Reality TV - Documentaries, Movies and Videos . The show is nothing like those Discovery alien documentaries and has many footages of ufos or supposed ufos and a great young scientist analyses it step by step leaving you with your jaw fallen on the floor at the end of the movie. If any movie is close to proving 10-fold that aliens exist, then it is this one! n't get too high though cause u gotta keep track of his thoughts and u gotta be able to think a lil :). Enjoy this amazing movie!

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