im lookin for....

Discussion in 'General' started by smooth08, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. a real badass movie to watch, like 8mile, but i cant find 8 mile anywhere online, anybody have any tight ass movies that i can watch online at or or

    thanks brossssss

    happy toking :smoking:
  2. Download U torrent and do a torrent search for it
  3. thanks oh dank one lol

    im finishing up Blow right now, then im gnna hit the bubbler for a while then watch simpson movie

    +rep for the link
  4. sall good homies :)

  5. I stopped reading there. Badass movie like 8Mile? Watch teletubbies.
  6. HAHAHA:D my thoughts exactly ....
  7. Yeah dude^ anyone know what happened?
  8. badass movies?

    Watch Apocalypse Now or pulp fiction.

    8mile? i dont understand how that movie can be considered badass, but everyone has their own opinion.
  9. Clockwork Orange.
  10. do yourself a fav and go download beerfest or grandma's boy.
  11. Devil's Rejects
  12. 8 Mile's a straight movie, And i aient some huge Em fan.

    Bu Pete's right, Devils Rejects is fuckin raw.

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