Im literally steaming pissed.

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  1. Im in this job program for people 17-22, where they try to find you job training and all that.
    But this dumb lady signs me up for an internship that starts this saturday and doesnt tell me about it until today.
    I appreciate them helping me find work and training and everything, but i think its just rediculous to do that.
    Im pissed cuz i had plans for the next two weekends, which now have to be cancelled since this is my only chance at finding a job.
    It isnt even during the work week, its only on saturdays and sundays.
    I wouldnt be pissed if she would of asked beforehand "would you be able to work these days?" instead of sending me an email that says "go here, wear this, heres your schedule."
    Imo thats pretty unproffessional, to sign somebody up for something before you have their confirmation.

    Im about ready to call this lady and just let loose. Cuz i had plans that wont be able to happen again for another few months.(i was gonna see my cousin who i only get to see on very rare occasions.)

    I just needed to vent that.
  2. I can feel the piss steam from here
  3. what did you have planned for the weekend bruh?
  4. Welcome to the REAL world kid.

    U dont get to do what u want, when u want anymore. :D

    U will learn...
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    Read bottom of post. Lol

    Me and my cousin had planned to hang out. We never get to see each other but once in a very great while, since we live far away from each other and he works and has band practice and everything.
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  7. yea my bad. that sucks man, hard choice: money or family.

  8. That is beautiful.

    Bravo! Bravo!
  9. Shit happens? It's her job to help you find a job.. Not find one when it's convenient for you. Am I right?

    Yeah it would have been rad to see if you were available on said day.. but that's not usually how it works if you want a job.
  10. I think piss-steam needs a hyphen.
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    Im not mad cuz it wasnt convenient for me, im mad cuz she gave me next to no warning, if she would of let me know on last week, or even this monday about the internship, thered be no problem. But she just throws it out of the blue.
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    Lol i forgot to mention, its an UNPAID internship, the worst kind.

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