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  1. What is it that creates varying level's of intelligence? What was it about Plato or Aristotle or Nietzsche, or Einstein or any of the genius's that separates their intellectual capacity from mine? I realize it could just be the physical set up of their brains and their simply being born with a physically superior brain than most. However, if this is the case, wouldn't it seem possible that we could physically alter peoples intellectual capabilities, or genetically design them to an advantage. This also makes me believe that, if I my brain is physically deficient, would it be impossible to become any more intellectual (increase my learning capacity) by myself through study? It seems I'm stuck with the brain that I got and I have no hope, so at the end of the day I'm just not going to be able to be that smart.

    What is it that separates me or you or anyone from genius?

    Can we earn it? (I recall Nietzsche said most genius's are not born a genius.) Or is it all up to the genetic coin toss? If I could make myself a genius through obsessive application to studies it would seem then that it wasn't necessarily just up to the physical aspect of the brain, but also attainable by some unrelenting will and drive.

    Is it possible to make yourself a genius?
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    Research the 10k hour to genius studies.( Not endorsing, just pointing out one path)
    I would say any one is capable of reaching the state, whilst some just have a predisposition.
    Connecting the correct neuron strands, and developing adequate mental models come easy to the few. Rest of us have to work our brains off.

    So, in post- Yes, but; there's a whole lot of will, determination/dedication & work involved.
    But, i could be wrong, I'm far from scholar, genius not even in the picture.

    We all can't be born water babies.:D

    Edit: If there are some personal suits going back and forth with this thread, leave me out of it.

  3. Ask a silly question...:D
  4. But there is something much different than learned knowledge and just baseline intelligence I believe. There are just some people who get bored when learning things and just zone out and those who love it and keep learning.

  5. I believe there is a genetic predisposition to intelligence, but if you really want to you can learn to become a genious. It's exactly like tongue rolling (genetic but can be learned).
  6. "Study finding part of Einstein's brain missing and another part 15% larger"
    Yeah so something was def different with his brain.
    And it's probably genetically impossible to change the brain structure because you'd have to build neurons which connect/commjunicate with other parts of the body, we're not that smart.
  7. Everyone is a genius in their own little way.

  8. Win! :)
  9. True...
  10. big way in my case ;)
  11. There is no way I could become a John Nash out of pure effort. Its part genetics, part environment when you are very young (this can actually have a very significant effect on brain development) and the rest effort of course.

    When I have a child, I plan on bombarding it with complex ideas from birth... my girl and I are gonna put headphones on her stomach and play some Bach into her womb when she is pregnant .. :D
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    i hate IQ tests as much as the next person, but i have been administered many of them, and the ones ive taken over the past few years are significantly higher than the ones i took a while ago (they were all real - no online ones). My latest two had me bordlering the "genius" line which is 140, but im by no means a genius - point im making is, although IQ tests aren't truly an accurate gauge of someones intelligence, my increasing score does at least show that its possible to "train" your brain, or whatever you want to call it, and become "more intelligent."

    Im sure some people will only have a certain capacity or whatever, but that doesn't mean you aren't always learning and becoming more intelligent.

    [edit] and dude above me is 100% correct. I think childhood plays a HUGE role on it - i was always read to as a child, started reading myself before kindergarden, and my parents were just always encouraging me in school and those types of activities - im lazy as fuck now and hate classes, but i guess just the fact that i am here at college says something... and i still love learning, i just despise the modern worlds academic institutions

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