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Discussion in 'General' started by XxJWxX, May 27, 2003.

  1. Well my time has come, you wont be seeing my name on these boards after this thread. Dont get me wrong the city is great and i've spent a lot of days posting, some days more than others. The majority of ya'll have been great and interesting people, I wish you guys luck, a lot of luck. And some of you i'd like to run in your bedroom and slice the shit out of you but I wont be mentioning any names. Anyways I dont like to hold grudges so good luck to ya'll too. Anyways my dads been a movie producer for over 20 years now and is just now getting me into the modeling and acting and behind the scenes work so thats what my plan is, make some cash, have some fun, be famous ya know? So although I will still be spending time on the computer I wont be surfin the city, I cant sit down on a fucking computer like I used to, I always gotta be on the run so maybe i'll spend all the extra time down at starbucks or the gym or something. Anyways its been fun, please dont make any stupid fucking comments or insults i've noticed many of you do that now to try and bring someone down just because you feel better about your ugly little self. So um sorry if none of this really made much sense I once again drank a whole fucking lot more than my limit and just got back from a nice club and massage parlor so im trying to continue to stay calm, I should probably cut down on the drinking as well...


    -John AIM- XxxJW420xxX
  2. I'm really sorry to see you go....I hope you change your mind and stop back in and visit someday...

    But if not, good luck on being famous!!!
  3. i hope its the alcohol talking..if not, we're sorry to see you go blade...good luck at becoming a supa stah
  4. ... and best wishes!
  5. sorry to see you go. good luck with your future though. sounds like you've got a good chance at success.
  6. well good luck to yea :) gotta try n stop by this city even when youre on the run!
  7. too bad to see you leave, you took part in some interesting conversations. good luck anyways down the road.

  8. damn i hope u have a great life and come see us all again! good luck!
  9. job holding karma has been sent;)

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