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Im just wondering.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smoked All Dat, May 13, 2010.

  1. Well I have a few plants growin and I was wondering what would happen if I smoked them now? Im talking the LEAVES.

    No im not a fucking weedhead with nothing else to smoke -- it's just I can't risk them being found by anyone and my rents seem to be going near them more often and it's only a matter of time.

    They are probably around 6 inches tall and smell very strongly of weed. If you touch even the fan leaves, you can smell it on your hand for quite a while.

    Im just wondering if they had any THC content or not? Im was just thinking of smoking them before I throw them away or bury them or whatever.

    Again, these are just leaves. No buds yet obviously.

    And for the last time, before someone comes in with "WHY WUD JOO SMOKE LEAVES? R U DUMBB." I have to get rid of them either way so even if it's a very small buzz it would be worth it rather than throwing them away.

    P.S. - Mods, I put this in the Apprentice section because it's a pretty nooby question. Just giving a heads up before you move/delete it.

  2. if its six inches tall then theres no thc on it. also, i dont see how it could smeel strongly of weed when theres no weed on it at all.

    what i would do is just go plant it in the woods somewhere and hope for the best
  3. It really does smell STRONGLY of weed. I mean like skunky lol. I touched it and suddenly I sniffed and was like "Whos smoking...?" and I smell my hand and was like "Oh shit."
  4. you plan on just smoking the leaves? lmao let them grow
  5. ... did you even read my post?

  6. Get a blender... blend stems and leaves but no seeds.
    You can then use this mixture for flavoring in foods, sort of like a syrup.

    Mix it with vanilla ice cream.
    Use in brownie mix.
    Top your pancakes.
  7. Lol... more feedback please.
  8. i done this before same issue with hiding it so i smoked them i got a good ass buzz like from good grown mid somethin like tht:smoking:
  9. just the leaves right?

    this isn't an adult, it's like 5 inches tall. it has about 6 leaves total probably but I have like 4 plants like this. The smell is STRONG.
  10. According to the documentary The Union your not suppose to smoke the leaf...
  11. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure you can use the leaves to make hash if you soaked them in alcohol. I think there is some THC in the leaves but I don't think smoking them will activate it.
  12. Ummmmm, IIRC the plant doesnt produce any THC until it reaches the flowering stage, which means there should be no smell until then, this whole thing doesn't really make any sense at all.
  13. make u some rope and a cute sweater:)
  14. Yeah dude!
    Make a hemp stash bag (pipe pouch)
  15. well you sound like your pulling shit out of your ass because I just took picked some of them to try after they dry out and put em in a bag. when I opened the bag it smelled like a skunk basically, but a strong green smell aswell.

    by the way, will they dry out from sitting in a ziplock bag? it's just one of those bags that click and lock together or whatever.
  16. bump .............
  17. Na man..To dry them out you have to have them in open air. Sealed in a bag wont get them dry just keep them moist..And ur wont get high there is no thc...also i had a plant one time and mine smelled skunky also when it was yeah dude.
  18. If you didn't know that you cant smoke leaves to get high i don't think you should he growing .

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