I'm just getting started... a few questions.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Baxter55, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. I have a place in my closet to grow. It's about 2ft by 2ft and about 8ft tall. This is my first time growing and I'm only growing for personal use so I'm just gonna start out with two plants... a few questions:
    1.)How do I tell male from female? And when I do find male plants, I can throw them away because they are basically useless, right?
    2.)What is a good way to hide the smell when the plants are flowering?
    3.)Any recommendations for online seed suppliers? How about buck-a-seed?
  2. try emeryseed.com

  3. ya want to look for the pistals on the female in the bud spots there like fine white hairs a male will show spikes and polen sacks look around at some old postings Im sure you will find some good pictures on it. go to big pappa puffs recomended seedbanks all tried and true
  4. oh yea trash the males if they both end up being males experiment on them before you get rid of them and try again
    you can practice cloning with them and topping
  5. To utilize your space I would put in shelves. 1 for seedlings 24/0 2 for clones and or sexing seedlings 18/6 3 for flowering 12/12
  6. diagram..should help with the sexing process, pictures are always best

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  7. I have never grown weed before just needing some advice. Like on fertilizer and lighting . Right now i have 2 plants and they are in front of a window we don't get fly overs out here were i live. Is this good for them or should i be using artifical lighting and how long should it take for them to start flowering and be ready for harvest. Right now they are 3 wks old and are about 4inches tall. They seem to have stopped growing. What is the best fertilizer i have heard of useing rose plant food and i have heard of using just miracle grow. All the advice u can give will be greatly appreciated.Thank you

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  8. read the guide below my sig....all your answers are in there......Peace out.....Sid

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