I'm jonesing over the graphic design thread

Discussion in 'General' started by gillyweed2, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Has anyone heard anything yet??? :eek:
  2. No... I want to enter and get back into graphic design cuz it's the bomb shit whilst high..

    I've tried to look for the photoshop download... PM or reply if you know where I can get it... I will love you ... plz
  3. Thanks for the hookup Skydog.
  4. I really need to get into this.
  5. The contest is closed, but you can still vote. For me.
  6. Yes you can vote him second place and me first. :D
  7. For me its like.. I worked an entire month on my entry, and I was so excited to be done and show it, and I haven't gotten ANY feedback at ALL, except for people ive shown in real life. I'm just not used to having any feedback or assurance of if my piece is good or sucky. :eek:
  8. That adds to the suspense
  9. Exactly my point!! Haha :smoke: You just summed up my paragraph in one sentence.. Ugh soberness sucks :eek:
  10. Post it here I'll tell you ;)
  11. I'd be happy If I placed in the top 3... that's my goal...

    But, top 2 would be Great.

  12. Thanks dude :smoke:

  13. I hate to say I love it, because I'm in the contest too

    The only critique I would have is the large patch of white near the Grasscity screenshot, it's too washed out and too big, it competes with the alien for the viewer's attention
  14. Yeah dude, originally the alien wasnt even going to be in it.. It was just the computer shining light onto the earth, the big white spot was supposed to be all the light kind of 'reflecting' off the screen. Also, the screen looked a lot better when i first did it, but then throughout the process of making the wallpaper it got all messed up because soooo many different layers were involved and i ended up accidently messing it up and merging all the layers, and then I couldn't recreate it to look exactly how I wanted it to again. Thanks for the critique by the way!
  15. I think these two are the best chances I have at placing



    Critique if you like
  16. Sky, i really like the first one.
    It has one of those vintage and warhol-ish type looks.
  17. Thanks man

    It reminds me of the Obey Giant type art that Shepherd Fairey does. Then it started to look like it was designed in the Soviet Union (in my mind, I dunno if it makes any sense to anyone else) and then I added "smudges" in certain places to make it look like it's on an old sheet of paper that's faded and discolored

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