im into you... oh wait JUST KIDDING

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  1. I'm new to GC but I don't think it would hurt to ask for some advice....

    I've been sleeping with the same guy for about six months. Sometimes things are awesome and sometimes he can be a dick. He blames it on being tired but out of no where he says "I'm just not that into it anymore". I can accept that no problem.
    Dude bangs me the next night. I'm down for just smoking mad bud and having some great sex. So does anyone have any comments or suggestions? I'm sick of these high school games.
  2. Find a guy who appreciates you more? Unless you're a bitch.

  3. I'm not in a good mood all the time, but I'm not a bitch to this guy by ANY means. I can't decide if he is just scared to attach himself to another person or if I'm being stubborn by not walking away from this.
  4. Well it seems like he's just using you as a friend with benefits. Like for recreational use.

    The relationship won't work if he doesn't care about you.

  5. I agree. I think I just want things laid out on the table in black and white. I have no problem being friends with benefits but there is a difference between that and a booty call.
  6. I don't actually understand the problem? He said he's tired of sex with you? Or just being with you?

    Sounds like you should get ready to find a new boyfriend. Just because he slept with you again doesn't mean anything. We masturbate on a daily basis too. Just because he used your pussy as a masturbatory instrument doesn't mean he's into you. Its called perfunctory sex. He wanted to get off, and your pussy is better than his hand.

    If he was sleepy and you were aggravating him he might've just made a mean comment. Pretty much anyone you spend enough time with is bound to piss you off sometimes, or make a mean remark.

    Guys are basically open books though. You probably know how he feels. We don't usually make remarks in some sorta mind game fashion. Break up with him and see if he gives a shit. That'll do the trick.
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    Not much difference, lol.
  8. yea if its on his time only, fuck it. you deserve respect for fucking, not being blown off.

    He's using you for sex.


    Get with it and fuck him till someone better comes along. Or move along.
  10. You don't seem to be having a problem with it lol.
  11. This guy sees you as something similar to a bong, something to be used as he sees fit.

    Some people like being bongs.
  12. smoke weed. have sex. if its good and your both ok with no strings attached why mess with it? (unless i misinterpreted your post, but from the sounds u dont have any emotional investment so....hard cock+free weed for u = win?
  13. No offense with this response.

    I actually played the role of the guy in this story, back in high school when I was either 14 or 15. The girl had DD tits, but she was semi-fat. Don't hate people, this was a while back but I only went out with her to fuck her, not to mention she had really low self esteem and said "I love you" to me after like 3 days of "dating". (us just texting each other, I didnt want to be seen with her)

    So, basically this guys only in it for the fuck. The only absolute way I can be sure of this, is if you post a pic of yourself. If you don't chill with him at all, or he doesn't look you in the eye that often when you guys are chilling, then he's definitely only in for the fuck.

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