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I'm in thread posting mode.

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. I was just wondering how people cope when they have read all the messages on the city but want more to read. I go on and post messages. It's half 00 in the morning here...
  2. everytime someone posts in the general forum it sends me a im always up to date in takes a lot of hard work a very pathetic life to keep track of all these threads...but someones got to do it.

    BTW its 4:35 in the afternoon here...
  3. Yeah i don't have a life so i have tons of time to spend here.
  4. I havent had much of a life lately either...oh well
  5. hmm.. i always just hit refresh. over, and over, and over..

    maybe i need a hobby
  6. switch i know what your saying...sometimes Ill come on and feel like picking at some your heads.. but there no new posts to pick at!!! ugh. how frustrating. so, like you I go on post sprees and have a hell of a time myself. so if i get carried away....youll know why!
  7. uuuuuuuuugh!!!!!!! 1 post per every 60 sec!!! how oppresive!!!!!!!!
  8. ugh am i ever. I think you all ahould quit your day jobs. Im coming to this thread everytime I have no other threads to post on. hmph. I think Im gonna have to start growing just so I can post in the growers section... *now theres an idea.........................
  9. reeeaaaddding?
  10. I haven't been here in like a week so I'm set for right now but I know what you mean. When you've read everything, you either post more or chill and wait for someone to reply to something. I usually go look for stupid stuff to check out and then pop back in later.

  11. nothing personal here. my bathrobe oppresses me as well.

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