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Im in so much pain i cant walk!!!!!! Help!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bseball727, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I am so sorry to ask all of you this question. Before that, i want to give you some background about my situation before asking y'alls opinion.
    I'm 25 male,i have crohns disease,degenerative disc disease,muscular degeneration,and anxiety from years of pain, im in an incredible amount of pain right now, almost enough to want to take my fentanyl-which takes pain away but makes it come back worse when its worn off,makes me sick,and is very addictive i dont care who you are,you'd be dependent on them as well after 3yrs of constant ingestion. So since i moved to a new england.
    I dont know anyone here anymore so im thinking if i should stop smoking pot because its always such a hassle getting it,then it goes away quicker than i even thought, expensive and takes time away from my fiancee. Oh also almost forgot, i smoke a gram a day to try to use only what necessary but its tough when youre in mind searing pain and you feel your muscle degeneration. I wish i knew more people up here. Does anyone think i should stop smoking or keep trying to find something? I gotta go i cant sit here anymore im in sooo much pain. Omg i may go to er
  2. Go to a headshop and ask a dude before he walks in. Dont toutch that pill bottle.
  3. Go to a fucking doctor.
  4. i would do that, shit I've done it before, but im not too sure about it or the area im in. I'm very shy and if i asked someone randomly i may get embarassed. I'll try and give that a shot...but right now im not afraid or embarassed, I know im a real man but with this much constant pain thats been acting up since yesterday im not afraid to admit that I actually shed tears from the pain. This is the worst flare up of Crohns, Degenerative Disc Disease, Spondolothesis*forgot to mention i had that, just found out this week*, and anxiety that i've ever had. I just fell when i tried to get up because legs are numb. I g2g i think im going to ER im dying in pain!!!!!! if anyone could please email me if they have any ideas or good thoughts, i'd truly appreciate it. I'd love to be able to find a bag and smoke rather than going and getting 1mg Dilaudid IV shot and 10mg valium shot from an ER. :(
  5. Damn man, how did you get all of those diseases? I'm sorry. Did you used to play football or something?
  6. Where you at man. I know hook ups are against the rules but I will help you out if I can.
  7. Reppin713, its easier said than done I dont have insurance this month mine sets in September. I may not go to ER because im not gonna pay some $1000 bill because they just gave me meds and an x-ray.

    So again i'd like to hear peoples opinions on if I should keep using cannabis to fight pain,nausea,anxiety,and insomnia. Please
  8. :wave: :wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::wave::
  9. Which New England state do you live in? Some of them have medical dope, some don't.
  10. damn man sorry to hear about all this. if you don't have the money then stop, if you do I say keep on chuggin.
  11. Not familiar with that area bro. I really suggest that you should continue using cannabis. Maybe you could try some edibles. They tend to have more of a body high. Hope you feel better.
  12. Helping someone in pain is more important than an account on a website.
  13. "Damn man, how did you get all of those diseases? I'm sorry. Did you used to play football or something?" The degenrative disc disease was found after a big baseball accident I played catcher at my university and set the record for most innings caught by a single catcher my freshman year. I played baseball year around @ one point i lived North of the Mason Dixon Line and played baseball during the winter down south so i never got rusty. All the years of practice,collisons at homeplate,and everything you put your body through in order to be best baseball player you can be. The Crohns I was diagnosed with after I hurt my back,they said it was always there but the stress and pain triggered it to go into full blown effect. Spondolothesis is when you have a slipped disc but instead of slipping out it slips into the spinal column so my two vertabrae are pinching the part of the disc thats slipped in. I constantly get numb legs because the pinched nerves.
  14. You might be smoking a gram a day now, but are you scoping out the specific types of marijuana that would best suit your needs? Some strains address certain medical issues and other address completely different things. You could unknowingly be smoking weed that's mainly for insomnia. I'd say ask around the medical marijuana forum here and see which strains would best suit you, try those out, and see if they're not more economical/efficient than what you've tried.

    I couldn't imagine living in constant pain, so I can't tell you exactly what to do when it comes to that. Honestly, I don't think I'd be willing to stop smoking for any reason (almost, anyway) if smoking meant I got to actually relax a little bit and enjoy life more while not having to deal with pain.

    If it is affecting your relationship with your fiance, you all should have a serious talk and see if you can resolve any potential issues without you having to stop. If it just takes away from time you can spend together, find certain activities you can do while high. I don't know.. have sex
  15. Jiggernex-Which New England state do you live in? Some of them have medical dope, some don't." I live in a state thats working on it but unfortunately its not medical state yet, believe me when it does i'm going to be there! My own doctors tell me to use cannabis rather than an opiate where it kills 1000s of people a year.
  16. I always get real good bud, but I never can find out the name to it. Very rarely do I know the name of it and im 90% sure they make it up but I've went through the medical forum asking what strains would be best for symptoms and didnt get one message what so ever!! I was ripping. The only thing that effects my relationship with my fiancee is when I take my RX and get way too "loopy" so she's all in favor or me smoking cannabis because I can function and do things together. But living in pain everyday really effects every part of your life. Not a day goes by where im not in constant pain. I would never never never wish this on my own worst enemy. I literally cant think it hurts sooo bad. god id do anything to be a member in california so i could go and buy EXACTLY what would fit my problems. Ugh god im dying i really think i should do something i'm bout to vomit from pain. What i wouldnt do for a gram!!!!
  17. if theres anyone out there that could give me some advice or any kinda support I'd really appreciate it. I know its tough for people to try to understand chronic pain that goes around the clock, never stops.
    So thank you all for trying to understand, please keep the comments coming, they make me feel a little better by getting mind off pain
  18. Wow, bro. That's really tough. If weed is helping you cope with the pain, i would absolutely not stop. You'll eventually make friends and meet the right people. It's amazing to me that pot can help you cope with all those diseases. and replace those high potency pain killers. that's awesome.
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    It might be worth relocating man. It's the quality of your life you're talking about, and that's just as important as the life itself I would think. If you really just can't do that.. Speak out to the public. Let others in your community know what you have to go through and let them know what helps you and it could add to supporting your state getting medical. Maybe?

    If the medical section isn't helping maybe somebody in this thread will? You could PM Storm Crow and she'd be able to probably tell you exactly what you need. Fuck the pain though, like I said I couldn't imagine dealing with something like that. I'd suggest doing whatever it takes to get the right treatment to help though, but yeah, I'd suggest steering clear of most meds. Sounds like you already know the dangers of them though


    You could consider buying in bigger bulk if possible to help make it cost less in the long run. I couldn't imagine it being a whole lot more expensive than most of the meds out from pharm companies
  20. Yeah my own pain doctor tells me all the time that "someone your age should never have to deal with such chronic pain and the conditions; i treat 70yr old's who have your pain, so we have to do whatever works." He's in support of me smoking marijuana,he'd rather have me take 2 volcano bags than 15mg of liquid percocet for breakthrough pain and the fentanyl patch(wear patch 72 hrs so usually need breakthrough meds b/c it peaks and valleys) but if i can find a steady connect then i'll give up all my meds, i'll throw them out if i could find someone who could get me a half ounce every 2-3 weeks.

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