Im In Recovery And Have To Annouce My Sobriety

Discussion in 'General' started by bluntfists, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. hey blades!
        First of all let me just say fuck alcohol! I am a alcoholic and I relapsed about 8 months ago. started drinking everyday again, and even started having mild withdrawal symptoms! Well fuck that!!! I am 4 days clean and over the hump!
         if anyone else is recovering alcoholic or for "unmentionables" feel free to share some shit or just stop in to say fuck alcohol in general its cool. also I still smoke weed, in fact its the only reason I can stop drinking in the first place.  :smoke:

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  2. Good ass job.  I'm on a T-break from weed and I don't do anything else.  (Where's my Gold star :confused_2: )
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  4. Shut up dude, don't be a dick.

    Congrats, OP! I'm proud of you.
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  5. So is this the thread everyone from the "Im drunk and have to announce my drunkeness" thread eventually retires to?
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  6. My next drink is for you man, congrats

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  7. Congrats man! My dad is an alcoholic, sucks.. because of this I tend to avoid drinking in general. Don't wanna end up like that. All I need is my ganj :smoke: 
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  8. Good for you - alcohol is poison and so toxic to your body.  Getting rid of it was the best thing I could ever do.  
    That said, don't talk about unmentionables.  THat's verboeten here.  IN fact the word "unmentionable" should be in the swear filter.
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  9. Fuck alcohol.

    Glad to hear your stopping good job man!  :hello:
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    “Casual drug users should be taken out and shot” – Darryl Gates (Chief of LAPD & US Senate Judiciary Committee)"
    ^ and they say we're the bad guys/gals
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  11. Good luck brother! Remember you may be over the hump but it's commitment that will get you all the way through. No fear. No retreat.
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  12. Good for you OP......not on the relapse part.......but atleast you figured it out and got it back on track! Congrats....
    The one thing I love about never wake up with a hangover!

    Yeah its can be pretty embarassing when your dads one of the regulars at the bar...
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  13. I stopped drinking and partying 6 years ago next month. Best decision I ever made. Keep it up.
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  14. It would be hard to talk about not talking about unmentionables if unmentionable is unmentionable.
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    Thanks every one :smoke:
  16. Power to the OP!
    Yo whenever you are feeling weak come back to this thread and read our support messages.  Stay strong.
  17. Don't say the "U" word here y'all!

    Fuck yo presents!
  18. ALCOHOL 4 lyfe!! I love you ill never give you up!
  19. That's not fair at all! People call their underpants their unmentionables...especially back in your day! Should remember that ;)
  20. do you still smoke weed op?
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