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Im in one of those moods

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. DAMMIT ALL!!!

    i just need a freaking bowl.
    even a beer would do.

    i got worked up over a girl now everythings getting at me.
    ARGH!! something please save me!!!

    still happy im alive but ARGH!

    plus i dont like the look of that banana, hes to happy.
  2. I feel just how freakaziod looks in my avy right now.
  3. heh if anyone can send me some "the headache pills will work now" karma im be much abiged lol
  4. ***the headache pills will work now***

    sry man, hope ur feeling better aboot things soon, i'll be smoking one for ya;)
  5. i def feel for you dr. :/ I wish there was a way to make it allll right..if anyone has the secret send a hint my way too... GIRLS! :rolleyes:!!!!!!
  6. yea, i'm in your boat too. all worked up over a girl.. :(

  7. Amen.......
  8. Eat the banana and devour the essence of its happiness...

  9. too true tooo true.
  10. oh i see.

    the banana, im ok now. ok with that girl now.

    and gonna toke-up. my heads fine lol
  11. how long would it take for someone to reply but here goes,

    should i tell this girl how i feel? we been mates for ages and i dont wanna ruin it(hehe i sound like a goon)
  12. ok, so i told her, and she sed it'll make her fell worse if she kills herself, so now im here convincering her she dont wanna do that. i NEEEED a bowl right about now
  13. this sucks!!!!

    I hate doing this. I need some happy karma to me and this girl guys, whatever i can get to get her to see that its not worth it is good

    thank god i tried to kill myself, makes me more simperthitic to what shes saying as i been there. phew.

    i love you guys!!!! dont ask me why
  15. well drkrapp....

    seems like you went through alot pretty quick there... cant say i understood it, but hey, im glad its over!!

    weed time!
  16. I got a huge sense of confusion reading over this thread, but as long as things are well again Krapp, I'm happy for ya man. Good luck with everything. [​IMG]
  17. no no no no no !!! the bananaanana is just what you need... stare into his/her eyes for 32 hours straight and i dare you to not dance and be jolly...

    i love you too

    KARMA sendage
  18. Damn, bro, I feel you. I had a friend of mine take 36 coricidin to try and kill herself...another friend knew someone that OD'ed on heroin and killed himself...
    One of my good friends cousins killed himself and he walked in and found him dead...I would never kill myself over anything...point being that I would be too destructive. I feel as if I have so much to live for, and nothing is going to stop me now.. Nothing.

  19. you sed it, bleh i hate being around all the time but at the same time its good that i was

  20. whoa, well i had to help ppl out before. and or tried to. nenver been anyone i felt for before tho.

    and after being there myself i just live now, but i no longer fear death but at the same time i now feel bringing it on myself would be stupid, well in 45 mins my mate gets back from skiing and im gonna nake him come out and toke with me lol. thanks for the help ppl, ur all great. :D

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