Im in north NJ, anyone from around here?

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  1. Im looking to pick up another quality bong, around 200-350 dollars. I want to get an 18-21 inch straight tube with or without a perc and possibly an inline perc/ashcatcher add on. What would be the best headshop to go for the best price?

    I only know of a few headshops around here and from my experience
    Serenity-Butler NJ, VERY overpriced. like 550 dollars for a 19 inch sheldon black with no percs [Roor, hbg, sheldon black]

    Inner eye in montclair NJ- pretty reasonable prices, nice name brand pieces, helpful guys [ROOR, hitman, gravlabs, many others]

    "real" serenity in little falls nj- decent prices, not too overpriced, okay selection
    [zong, hi si, phx, hpg, few others]

    Jamaica junction in NY, close to NJ- Very cheap thin glass bongs, no name brand anything

    I cant really think of any others, let me know if you know of any other places!
  2. I've shopped at Inner Eye before and bought a quality bong with percs and an ice catcher that I unfortunately broke. Cost me 200 dollars with a case thrown in. After I broke that one I bought a 100 dollar mini bong that was probably about 15 inches tall that is durable as hell. I think the Inner Eye is a little over priced but I don't mind spending a few extra bucks to support a local place since there aren't too many around north NJ. (I'm from the 973)

    Also, there's a killer place in New Paltz NY where I go to college called Likwid about 45 minutes North of the NJ border. All you gotta do is go up 287.
  3. Im from wayne but i live in west milford now haha, 973 =D
    I always like spending a few extra bucks to support a headshop but not a few hundred lol.
    Inner eye charged me 130 for a 13 inch grav labs and 50 for a nice ashcatcher. They are probably the best ive dealt with so far
  4. shakedown shack in PA
  5. you should check out wonderland. they got a few different locations in nj and theres also one in philly (same name but not affiliated at all :confused:)

    they all carry quality pieces. its where i got my 2010bc lowrider :hello:
  6. Thanks! il definitly try and check out these places, ive never even heard of em before haha.
  7. I'm from the 201 and I've never checked out inner eye. Only serenity. I gotta check out that shop
  8. I'm down by Asbury Park and Long Branch by the beach. We have a shop down here called Pipe Down in Long Branch you could give them a call and ask them what high end brands they are carrying. I was in there last week and they had some real nice local blown glass and were in the process of bringing in more inventory.
  9. go to j.friendlys in new brunswick. I think its one of the best in state and the only shop I know of that carries Sg

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