im in maine and was just curious when i shoudl start growing

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bottomdog, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. i was thinking next year the first day of april i will plant my seeds and then trnsplant when it gets big and have it in a bigger pot outside

    what seeds should i buy? i dont have any idea...i think im just gonan get the most expensive cause they are expensive for a reason right?? and they say 100% can they tell when they are just seeds??
  2. High, bottomdog,
    I believe your best bet would be to start your plants indoors on a sunny windowledge at the beginning of March, then move outside after the danger of frost is past. That will give you a bit longer growth season. Where do you plan to plant them? Are you urban or rural?
    L8R, your friendly neighborhood earth girl
  3. You should probably go with an indica strain also, some sativas may take too long to finish in your northern cimate.
  4. Bangor (actaully im about an hour from bangor im just paranoid haha) i live in the middle of nowhere deep in the woods so thats pretty cool we ahve farm lands and great soil :) yay
  5. Well, that sounds so cool, but I am a wimpy, and determined escaper from snowy/icy climates. I am a happy little desert rat.
    Anyway, were I you, I would paint all the south facing exterior walls a nice flat white and place the crop where the reflection will do them the most good. They will stay warmer there, as well which will also help lengthen your season.
    And the clonemeister's suggestion about going with indica is very important. Look through the seed bank guides and find something that will fit your growing season, and your budget. Those 'feminized' seeds, as I understand it, came from non-hermie fems, strictly as a reaction to being raised in an all female environment.
    Keep on keepin' on, {8^D the earth girl rides again!
  6. i think your best bet is movin to good old california where the girls where thongs, and the weed grows 2 pounds a plant. well if your a good.

    naw i dont no shit but i woul like to know bout them female seeds i mean how do they know exactly?

    oh and just a little word of caution, there are alot of realy expencie seeds out there and alot are just bull shit. my freind grows stuff called orange jucie that he got 20 seeds for 5 bills. but know he has 10 plant each at least 7 feet tall with about a pound and a half each on em' and there totally chornic. so dont just go buy the most expensive shit
  7. i still dont know what seeds to get though :(
  8. I would have to disagree with whoever said to get Indica because Stativa would take to long in your climate. I think you would fine with any plant that was 30%+ Indica and 70% stativa. Earth girl gave some good advice too. When chosing a strain to grow/smoke take into consideration what kind of weed you want.

    go there for help chosing a strain.

  9. I stand by my advice about indica strains, because I have grown outdoors in Ohio and had sativas that were ruined by early "killing" frosts, and had to harvest sativas long before completion due to frost. There is a fine line between knowledge based on expereience and just reading info off the internet. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are sativa dominant strains that will finish in time, but why spend the money, time, and effort when you stand a better chance with an earlier finishing indica dominant strain?
  10. Your advice is sound and he would be wise to take it but one must also consider what he wants. Personally, im not crazy about indica. i dont like feeling stoned, i like feeling high. Indica do have a shorter life cycle but what i was suggesting was a mostly stativa strain. the growth cycle will be shortened due to its indica properties but it will still possess mostly stativa traits.
  11. thnaks a lot good ole gang :) ive learned so much from you all and my mom is letting me grow my weed in her house next year:) she rules

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