"I'm in da buildin and I'm feelin like YEEEE!!!...."

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. ..."R.I.P. to the Mac D.R.E."

    Tonight, I'm going to a small rave, only about 500 people. yaked out right now, poppin thizzles in about 3 hours. Got that Grape Ape for the comedown.

    Shits gonn be poppin.
  2. Only 500? Sounds like a ton to me.

    Look out, be safe, and have a time, man. :)

  3. hahaha yezzur. ONLY 500. Usually we get over 1,000 ravers there. It's gonn be amazing. I'm leavin in a minute. Everyone be chill. I think I can check GC from my cell phone now, so I'llt ry it and rpely if it works :D

    P~cout and Rave On!
  4. have fun brother.
  5. i was talking with this guy who used to be a party promoter for mac dre b legit and all those foos, dre used to pick up half pounds when he came up here to seattle off this dude.mad amount of bud to smoke.
  6. Rave got busted :( I was only there for like 2 hours :( OH well. peakin still on 6 white ladies. dammn boy, smoked some herb and sniffed some yay. I'm fuckin top oif the world.

    p.s. Mac Dre is god.
  7. the mac named dre was using only backwoods and he also paid some guy
    (I think 30-50) bucks to roll backwoods blunts for him all day.. everyday
  8. man I miss giggin. sucks that shit got busted. sounds like a good night drug wise though lol. Man I haven't smoked for 2 days and just got an 1/8th, i'm high as a fucking kite.

  9. haha. If I had his money i'd be doing that too... i'd maybe hire two guys. Man I wish he was still around making hits.
  10. zoowooo wats good smoke, sux tha rave got raided. i picked 4 blue mercedes but ima save em for tomoro and i got a zip of some t.wreck. twas a good day but i had to drive to south central to get that shit. i saw a shit load of pigs too. Fuck it, gota do wat we gota do
  11. damn man. you got me all envious. i've been mad broke and sober as fuck for a while now, except for the occasionl dub or 40 or gram. I'm holding out, though. there's no dought that you are lol
  12. HOLY SHIT. ON my comedown I got THE worst migraine headache ever. To the point that it would start building up (the pain) and I'd stop what I was doing, grab at the back of my head, where it was hurting, and basically do nothing but feel the pain. It was TERRIBLE. Worst physical pain in my life. CHiefed a 2 grams blunt to my dome and passed out eventually, but I'll tell ya that headache was HELL!

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