Im in a little predicament.

Discussion in 'General' started by Zosimus, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. So this is my first post, and i thought ide start it off with a question. Well i get paid tomorow, but its a small paycheck because i didnt work as many hours as i usually do. And im planning on buying a Half-O when i get my check. BUT, two days ago i dropped my glass pipe and it broke. And i really became quit attached to smoking bowls out of it. So my question is, how cheap do you think i could get a decent pipe? If i buy a pipe i wont have enough for the half. And i dont know what i should do haha.
  2. you can get a bowl for pretty cheap, but the quality will be very low and you will probably just break it again. Go get yourself a pack of blunts or two and a some papers if you prefer them. make a gravity bong. wait it out till next paycheck and buy yourself a quality bowl. welcome to the city man:wave:
    hell if your fellin squirrely get a super blunt and roll all of it up,lol.
  3. dude if you look around at some head shops, you could probably find a pipe as cheap as 5 bucks
  4. all depends on quality man.

    You can get a glass pipe for like 10 bucks. but you can get a nice ass pipe for like 45 and up....just go to your local smoke shop, see what they got. IM sure you will find something that will be cheap enough and work just fine.
  5. Yea but i want a GOOD pipe. And im only getting payed about 70$ this paycheck, and ive got a deal on a half for 65$. My next paycheck will be around 200$, but i dont know if i want to go a week without a pipe. And im not a roller, just never really have been. Thats why im in need of a bowl.
  6. hmm. well. honestly. hmmm....idk lol. if i were you, i would get a cheapo 10 dollar spoon, just to get you through a week (im sure you can scrounge up like 5-10 more bucks) then you can get you 1/2 and have a pipe.

  7. Woah, good luck finding a 5 dollar pipe at a legit head shop.

    You could definitely find a sick pipe at a flea market for 5-10 dollars... My buddy picked up a pipe that looks like a 35 dollar pipe, thick as fuck and a big party bowl for 8 bucks. Shit was a steal!

  8. Seriously... it probably was.

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