im in a bind... please help.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DankNugz420, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. ok... im working on setting up a grow room in my attic but in the mean time ive already planted 2 seeds (today 6-18-06) and put them in a pot outside... if they do succesfuly grow outside when should i bring them inside... asap?
  2. when they get probaly 1 inch

    And as far as the attic grow room .... make sure its properly ventalated cuzz i know my attic is blistering hot

    and good luck bro:smoking:

    any questions feel free to ask
  3. Don't they grow like tons of pot in Brazil and Mexico and Pananma and all; those other places where its like 90* year round?
  4. outdoor heat doesnt seem to be a problem...indoors its one of your worst enemies.
  5. really? cuz i might just try growing out side... i dont know...

    if i put the sprouting seeds in soil today (June 18) am i in the right cycle to grow outside (in texas) ???
  6. bro dont go outside with ur shit just put you a good fan on em they should be fine up thier ..
  7. There are many, many posts here on GC about heat problems in attic grows. In fact, I can't remember ever seeing even one person saying s/he is growing in an attic and succesful at keeping temps down.

    I tried an attic grow myself and gave it up. My experience is that on a sunny day the ambient temp in the attic runs about 10-15F hotter than the outside. Then in the attic if you have an uninsulated enclosed box or space and are using HID lighting then the temp in the box can run about 10-15 hotter than the attic. So, on a day where it hits 80 outside it can be well over 100 inside your attic grow box. If the outside temp gets over 90 then inside the box could be 120 or more. Unless you are in a very temperate climate you should experience something similar.

    Remember, most attics are insultated on the floor/bottom but not on the roof. So, when the sun beats down the heat radiates in and is trapped, and builds up quickly from the greenhouse effect. Much like parking a car in the hot sun, it will become way hotter inside the car.

    It will take a lot more than a fan to cool off a space like that. You may need to run a line from your HVAC to pipe air conditioning in there, get a window or portable air conditioner in the attic grow area, and also insulate all around the grow box itself.
  8. Growing in the ground in hot climates is no problem as long as there is regular watering.

    I have had occasional problems growing in buckets with roots overheating. Not so much a problem with bigger buckets, but wrapping in aluminium foil is a big help.
  9. i thought about that... my brother has one sitting around here somewhere. but he said if i put it in the attic that it would put off wayy too much heat and be a possiable fire hazard, or probally just burn its self up. since in the summer its usually 90+ up there. :(
  10. Could be, I really don't know. Even if you effectively (and safely) control temps inside the grow box in a sweltering attic, your electrical costs to do so will be pretty high. For a personal grower working on a small number of plants it usually makes sense to stay out of the attic and find some other space.

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