I'm I a scum?

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  1. Ok so a few weeks ago I hit up my friend to get me a quarter he gets the sack but says he left it at a mutual friends house. The next day I go to my friend who has my bud. He tosses me the bag and I go how much man. He says I guess 100 I don't think he paid anymore then that. So I give him the 100$ and go on my way. Two days later the original guy to get the quarter tells me I owe him another 20 bucks. I'm like dude I'm not gonna pay you 20 bucks when my friend let's call him Bob said it was 100. I mean after all he sold me the weed. Then he starts going off and how I'm trying to scum him out of his money and shit when all I did was pay the price I was told. So y question to you folks is... I'm I scumming my friend out of 20 bucks?
  2. I don't know, but you definitely got "scummed" out of $100. Seriously, that much for a quarter? You got fucked, buddy.

  3. Post a pic and we'll tell you...
  4. What? Thats stupid he sold it for 100. Deals final so naw your not scum. If he was really your friend 20$ would even matter like this.
  5. i know plenty of people that pay that, in his area that could be a deal
  6. Still gettin' ripped off, though. NOBODY should pay that much.
  7. lol, that's a fairly common price in MANY places. Don't be a snob, buddy.

    edit: your friend should have sold it to you directly or should have been more specific with the mutual friend, you're not a scum.
  8. I'm not being a "snob," I'm just amazed that some people are willing to fork over that much money for something so insignificant.
  9. I know the price is crazy but that's what the black market does. I don't have any pics but it wasn't a legit quarter I have no doubt in my mind he pinched from my sack but that is just something I have to put up with. This kid is a fiend. I guess don't know where he gets off telling me I owe him 20 bucks when he didn't even sell me the bud ya know?
  10. quarters around here usually go for 100+

    good thing i only pay 75 which i still feel is a rip off
  11. And yes in WV 100 bucks for a quarter is actually an ok deal. I don't have many connections so I take what I can get.
  12. u didnt even get it from him directly so u paid what u were told and thats it
    its not ur fault tell him get his middle man to tell people the right price

    he shouldnt of even said nothing to u
    just think about it
    u buy from someone and the next day someone else is coming at u saying u owe them extra money like what???? where were u when we made the deal not there so it has nothing to do with u talk to buddy if he was selling for u not me wtf

  13. A lot of people do, man.

    No need to demean their bud smoking.

  14. I pointed this out to him I was like man if you wanted 120 for the bag why didn't you just sell it to me and he gave me some BS about how he couldn't leave it in his car or something idk. I just know this kid is gonna bitch and bitch about it until I give him 20 bucks but I'm not gonna cause in my mind I don't owe him shit because HE never sold me and bag. It's just frusterating today he was calling me all through my dinner. Like god damn it man I'm trying to eat.
  15. just because you can get it for so cheap doesnt mean the rest of us do. 50-60 an eighth 100-120 for a quarter. of DANK. no mids is like 20 - 25 an eighth 30-45 a quarter depending no how good of mids they are. and this is in ohio

  16. Actually, if it's dank shit, $100/quarter is about average here in Bumfuck, Wyoming :(
  17. Im my part of MA. fire is 60 an 1/8 and every day dank is like 40-45 and 1/8! So depending on the bud he could have got a good deal, but most people know on GC that bud varies in price around the states!
  18. Where abouts in West Virginia do you live? I was born and raised in Huntington, still live here. If if was top notch headies 100 would be a fair deal around here, but I pay 40-50 per quarter of good bright green crystaly skunky 'midgrade'.
  19. in NY 100 dollars for top end bud is the average price.

    You have to remember, everywhere has decent weed prices.

    When I was in cali I could get pounds for $2000-3000 that I could have re-sold for $5000 in NYC
  20. sounds like the other guy ended up being a middle man. you owe him $20. its not the other guys fault that your delaer left your weed at his house.. why would he know how much it costs?

    u rather lose your connect?

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