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im hurt

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, May 2, 2004.


what do you think?

  1. that dog is the ugliest av ive ever seen

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  2. i didnt even notice

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  3. thats a dog?

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  4. whats an av?

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  5. Awe! cute doggie!!!

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  6. yeah we noticed, cool av

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  1. *sigh* and very sad.........noone noticed my brand new made all by myself avator :(
    and my fantastic photography angle.....
    you didnt notice sure that was it
    *sigh* an i thought it was soo cute.....
    now im going to have to smoke myself into
    have a good one

  2. Higha, lol I just follwed a post of yours commenting on the new avatar. You know where the post is. ;)

    I like it for the record. :D
  3. :) i love'll puppy dog!
    *just noticed him higha! hes a cutie :)
  4. :smoking: What's an avator? :hippie:
  5. you cashing in on luckys good looks again higha??

    l do hope ya asked permission first .ya know what happenned last time :D
  6. ^^^^^:p
    your sooooo bad.........
    sure i asked...he said that would be great and posed............but he did ask me to stop with the dressup clothes, an i have...i still have scras man...SCARS!
  7. lol, i hate to say it but that's one fugly-ass dog :p

    I like it anyway :D
  8. I saw tha av, but didn't say any thing because I like the other av better... Being a male shovernest and all! lol :D

    You know how us sex maniacs are.. LMAO :D :smoking:
  9. cool dog :hippie: man i wish i was that dude
  10. I noticed it, but didn't think to say anything. I did like the other one, but this ones kinda cool I guess.... What's with his jaw?? it looks f'd up or something...
  11. aaaaw thanks cept for he who called him fugly :p
    his jaws,hhhm nuthing wrong with em cept there big and floppy.thats so he can unhinge his jaws like a snake so he can swallow my leather shoes easier.
    an dunt worry bud head.i stilll have my lil indian gal she's just on vacation for a few. critters right im just pimpin' lucky fora while......AGAIN
  12. fucking ugly dog. change your avatar.

  13. ugly or not why should she change it? I think it's cool, at least it's more original than yours
  14. but ya gotta admit ,luckys got the sort of face only a mother could love ,lol.
  15. lol at d2000
    but ya gotta admit ,luckys got the sort of face only a mother could love ,lol.
    annn who loves pugsley???? :D
  16. An here i thought you were gonna haver a boo-boo to kiss an make better.... :D

    I love your lil spoiled sport of a hound..... lucky is certainly, a lucky one to have an owner like you in his life..... Im sure he gets away with hell too...
  17. I think that dog is SOOOO cute. :p. How can you guys be so mean to it?
  18. i dont like animals, thats how.
  19. Ugly Ugly Dog....Even though I dont like dogs...And dont really care for dogs...That's still an ugly dog. roflmao

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