I'm hungry right now and I'm sleepy

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    Wassup peoples. its 4:43 am here in San Diego, California. And I recently picked up my own piece and started picking up my own weed last week or at least driving my godbrother to the dispensaries and have him get it for me ><. Started smoking in my senior year on Christmas Eve 2008 out of a joint. Since then I say its a pretty chill life style and I love weed. Though recently since I started having my own stash, my weed has been running out pretty fast when I share with my friends or when my god brother who lives next door calls me for a morning session during the weekdays. But I have no regrets, weed is for everybody and I have no problem sharing or getting lifted/medicated.

    So this site has been pretty helpful with nooby questions I have. Actually just a while ago I took a resin hit, gathered resin from my pipe with a paper clip, smoked it, then cleaned my piece. All of of which i learned how to do from here. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and if it goes well, me and my god brother are going to pick up today to prepare for tomorrows feast!

    With all that said. I hope to learn some new information, entertain myself through the forums, meet some people, and hell maybe even shop here too. Now I will take my leave and attempt to sleep
  2. Welcome to GrassCity!

    Glad you learned new things!
  3. Aw, 'god-brother'. You're cute!

    Welcome to GrassCity!

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