Im hungry,but i dont want to eat!

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  1. So it started 2 weeks ago. When I'm hungry I don't feel like eating.i felt dehydrated,tired and depressed.

    two or three days ago I was at school I was really hungry and didn't ate breakfast ,I was walking in the hallways and suddenly. I felt light headed and felt like I wanted to knock out!

    So any thoughts?
  2. Also can this corrupt my metabolism in anyway?
  3. I feel exactly the same. Sub'd.
  4. well id say force yourself to eat something. at least like a piece of toast and some milk. just try and maintain a good balanced diet. smoke weed too, after a few bowls how could u not get the munchies?
  5. You need to eat real food man. Meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seed.
  6. This used to happen to me. I'd have to force myself to eat; often feeling like I'd throw up from doing so. Eventually I got over it. I think it was partly mental, knowing it was good for me, and I was doing my body good, and partly physically getting used to the amount and consistency of the food. Try to eat several meals a day in order to spread the calories out.

    I still do have to force myself to eat, but now, when I "don't eat much" I'm still eating much more than I ever used to.

    One thing that bugs me though is having to go to work and not being able to eat while I'm there. I've got to eat 1700 calories before I go in because they expect me not to eat while I'm there. Fuck. It makes me want to throw up.

  7. yeah I've decided to quit eating frozen foods. Stick to wholesome homemade meals.
  8. Dmn! I need to learn to make real food!

    Thnks y'all!
  9. Yea this happens to me too. When I smoke everyday my appetite goes way down and I'll be hungry but I don't want to eat anything. I just force myself to eat something nbd
  10. Oh what? I didn't knew smoking makes you lose your appetite,well is there a way to get your appetite back?

  11. Yea i think I read somewhere that chronic smokers have less of an appetite. I guess you could consult granny to see how accurate that is lol.

    And nah I don't know how to get my appetite back other than stop smoking so much lol. I actually like it though. I'm so lazy when I'm in school so I never exercise. Its a great way to stay "fit" hahaha
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    Are you trying to say,weed is diet method? Lo

    I actually lost weight from smoking herbs though!

  13. LOL what? How can you be hungry but don't feel like eating? Doesn't that mean you're not hungry?

  14. lol its like you feel your stomach rumbling and you know its empty but you have no desire to eat food.
  15. Brandon, he has a physiological hunger vs a psychological indifference to eating.

    And cannabis smokers DO have a lower obesity rate than non-tokers! Here's 2 news articles about it.

    Frequency Of Marijuana Use Associated With Lower Prevalence Of Obesity, Study Says (news – 2011) \tFrequency Of Marijuana Use Associated With Lower Prevalence Of Obesity, Study Says

    Smoking marijuana not linked to obesity: study (news – 2011)
    Smoking marijuana not linked to obesity: study

    "Analyzing data covering more than 50,000 American adults, researchers found that roughly 14 percent to 17 percent of the people reporting that they smoked pot at least three days per week were obese. That compared with a 22 to 25 percent obesity rate among people who said they had not used pot in the past 12 months."

    I know I have lost weight since I "got legal" and started growing my own!

  16. This has only happened to me before because of smoking weed, after I quit smoking I just was VERY depressed and had more anxiety problems than usual, food is not appealing at all but your stomach is so hungry that it hurts, I understand the feeling, how much are you smoking a week?
  17. the hunger problem happens for two weeks!
    I've been smoking in the morning,afternoon and night!

    I'm starting to smoke once a week, because lack of exercise.(even though I lost weight from smoking lol :smoke: )

    Dude! After the two weeks!
    the next day in the morning.Everything seemed dead! I
    felt like shit! But mostly felt emotionally,less energy and well you know anxiety attack!

    Well let's see what happens Tommorow.

    the real reason I stopped smoking is that I felt like challenging my self,so I stopped! It's fun :D in a way!
  18. Yea, see I was doing the same thing, smoke everyday and spread out the weed for different times to last me through out the day till bed time, and once I stopped my anxiety and depression got way worse, any drug you do if you do it daily for a while and stop immediately there will be some side effects for me those side effects are just too much for me so I just quit smoking in all together but still support marijuana itself, just because I can't smoke doesn't mean everyone else can't smoke! :smoke:
  19. I've had this happen occasionally. It goes away on its own. I never was able to figure out the root cause of it.
  20. not reading all of this so what evs..

    but youre hungry and dont wanna eat? drink idk if it fucks ur shit up but its what i do..most of the time if you feel hungry,its sends the same signal for hunger..actually read that in mens fitness

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