I'm hoping micronutrients will fix this.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by llckll, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Looks like an iron deficiency. You could give her a dose of cal-mag (has iron in it). Are you able to chech the ph of your water? Could be a nute lock out.

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  2. Micros will help for sure. Looks like lack of Iron (fe) like Cheezo said.
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  3. Your soil mix must be off. If mixing your own, use a proven recipe. Otherwise use good grow soil mix. Read up on nutrients in different cycles...needs change. Using a good soil mix is easier for the new grower with little experience.
  4. Looks like light bleaching. Was it under a LED light. It could also be variegation which happens from time to time. We need more details about the plant and the conditions. Grow medium, nutrients feed, indoor or outdoor, strain, etc.

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  5. How often would I give. I gave a watering with it yesterday and looks to have helped droopy leaves perk up. What about the yellow growth? Hoping it'll get better!!
  6. I would keep hitting the plants with micros for another 2 light to medium feedings, then alternate.

    Ammino's will help green up the plant. Don't want other sources of N in flower, keep to the ammino's
  7. The faded areas wont come back btw. Iron wont trans-locate.
  8. pH in soil is between 6-7.

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