im homeless

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  1. hey guys

    well nearly a week ago i was kicked out of my dads house. ONLY because i quit my job and wouldnt cut my hair. so for the past week ive been spending the nights at different friends houses. im low on money, i have no car, no cell phone. i have one friend that has his parents wanting to take care of me til i get on my feet again. only problem is i hate having other people taking care of me cause i feel like im in the way and they shouldnt have to make my problem theirs.

    i could go live with my mom who lives in joliet. (30 mins away) only problem is shes a crackhead who lives in a bad neighborhood and she could barely support herself. so im confused on where i should stay for the time being.

    funny thing is i only quit my job because i know i could find a better paying job. and i wanted a better paying job so i could afford going to college of dupage by next semester. but no, right when i told my dad i quit my previous job he started jumping the gun and freaked out. so i dont know what the fuck im gunna do. i now know im not gunna have enough time to save money up for college by spring, i dont want my friends family taking care of me for nearly a year, and i dont really want to live with my mom (even tho that seems like my best decision at the moment).

    other than all that bullshit, im feeling real down, i have been for quite awhile and its been getting worse and worse. i dont want to live but im trying to make the best out of it but it seems like the whole fucking world is against me.


    p.s. im barely able to find a computer to go to so i probably wont respond in a day or two.
  2. ah dam, sounds like you've got it tough. But hang in there, keep going strong and things will turn to your favor no doubt :) . Ive got a friend in a similar situation, shes moved in with some friends, got a job and it wont be long now till she can start renting her own place
  3. Try to stay positive bro, I'm sure you'll be able to find a legit job soon enough. You wouldn't have quit your job if you weren't confident right? I'd have kept the job while looking for the new one but things happen and this sounds more like a personal thing overall but people like myself can relate in ways. As for the family thing, it's possible when you have a stable job your dad might come to his senses...either way if you're working and not paying little rent you'll be saving money and be on the right track pretty quick, just be smart with your money and invest when necessary. And you should also check out what financial aid and student loans you can apply for, I'm sure you can find something that can cover you with your current situation and everything.

    Best of luck
  4. judging from the no cell no car shit on top of friends family willing to carry your ass you've hardly hit rock bottom

    hell judging by the fact that you can post is enough

    mom's a druggie bitch (blame the gov btw since crack should be legal) dad hates long hair 'n quitting? write 'em off as many have done or say fuck it 'n deal with the actual street for a bit if you feel that badly about accepting the help of good folks

    people like kelsey grammer actually lived in parks eating outta dumpsters while working their ass off on construction gigs for food and they managed to pull through enough to be set (even after countless psycho bitches 'n a major coke habit) so unless ya'll are genetically worse off than a mid 20's balding dude with a crazy ass voice 'n almost no prospects you'll manage
  5. hey city. im no longer homeless. im currently living at my moms house. good thing the library is only a 5 min walk away. so yea my mom is having problems paying the rent at the moment. but she said shes been staying off the crack so im sure itll be alot easier for her to pay the rent. im also looking for a job around here just so i could afford shit you know? sadly not pot...pot is gunna have to take a step aside for the time being. but luckly theres this guy i met not to long ago whos friends with my mom. hes only 4 years older than me and hes willing to drink me up anytime. so thats good on the getting intoxicated part. other than that, things are starting to straighten up, but im still trying to better myself. anyways later

    ps thanks to the people who responded
  6. glad to here you found a place but just remeber that if you put aside maybe 10 bucks a week you can get high once by yourself !
  7. dude a 1.75 liter bottle of vodka costs like 12 bucks with 2ish in bullshit taxes

    15 spot and you got enough booze to mellow you out all week

    I've over done it to the point of chugging a liter or more a day in place of nug but a 10 spot of bud vapped gets me stoned for a day or less and I'm wolfing down 10+ bucks in food

    20 per day vs like 6 in my extremely over the line case

    save 'n drink save 'n drink and spend a bit of that extra on b6 b12 calcium and vitamin c supplements (generics are cheap as fuck) to combat the damage booze does

    before you know it you'll have enough to buffer the rent/expenses/food and a bit of nug do it on 'n off till you can get yourself a heatgun/bowl combo and make your own mason jar bubbler to really conserve your bud

    in the long run this kinda thinking will keep you healthy and allow you to save yourself from possible pitfalls when it comes to cashflow while still allowing for that druggie decompression we all seem to need
  8. first of all.. it is Waaay to expensive to live on your own. you gotta get a job and save your money.. there are jobs all over the place.. people just gotta swallow their pride and work two part time bullshit jobs.. then they can cash the dough
    edit. too bad you cant get that job back, or tell your dad you did.. or not tell him you quit in the first place.
    but for now, i would sit him down and tell him your plan and your new job and your money and shit and do it in a responsible way.
    coz he thinks you are being irrisponsible right now..
  9. you need a job asap bro, make that your first priority, and get your hair cut dude, show your dad that you messed up and you're trying to fix things, hopefully he will allow you to move back in.

    don't give up...

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