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  1. finally home from europe. i took some killer pics though that i am going to share with you all. the first 5 are of monte carlo and the 5 following it are of rome. mc was pretty good but rome kicked it's ass hands down. anyways, enjoy the pics, and hello to all my friends here.

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  2. next 5

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  3. yea nice landmarks
  4. Damn your lucky, I want to be able to go to europe- so seeing how I can't I'll get real high and just eat some english muffins (closest to europe I'll get)
  5. beautiful. +rep

    can i steal one of these for my desktop?
  6. This may sound gay, but that looks beautiful.
  7. I'm visiting Rome in July and moving there permanently in Sept. How is the pot culture there btw?
  8. absolutely
  9. :eek: Great Pics!!
    Did you take those pics from your hotel room or somewhere else?
  10. Damn.. look at those yachts man.. Omg one day I have to own something like that
  11. mixture of both :D
  12. My favorite thing in the world is travel. When you are able to experience many different cultures and places you become a well versed person- thats uber important. In others words- I am extremely jealous. Those pictures are beautiful. What was your favorite part of the trip!?! I closed out this thread- went on to searching, but I found myself coming back to look at the pictures about 3 times. ++rep!!
  13. haha thanks for the rep. i'd say the best part was going to rome, there was much more to do and more to see. great place.
  14. I have been dying to go to Rome. I think those pictures just pushed me a little bit- i am now on travelocity looking up airfare! Thanks for the encouragement!! And for showing us those beautiful picturs!

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