Im High

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  1. yooo wuz good grasscity, i just start by saying im pretty fucking high right now.
    My day started when i woke up around 1130 and saw all my missed calls, then at 12 the
    Miami Hurricanes were playing Clemson, the Canes won bu they were too many mistakes and alot of bs calls by the refs, whatever my came thru with some bud we went played football and the then bout a philly, swisher and another philly. we then rolled two blunts an smoke one saving the other one for later. we got high as fuck a stayed watching BET, menace 2 society and belly, shit was crazy, then around 2 we went to go buy 5 40 oz. bought the old ***** behin the cash register was beeing bitch and didnt wanna sell us even tho my brother was 21. se we bought 3 big coronas, drank it at the park and smoked another blunt. IM HIGH as fukk right now. my dawg couldnt hang so he knocked out lol im just chilling watching at my krib watching youtube vds and tv.

    one love, respect
  2. this is how i feel, as high these ni66as lol

    [ame=]YouTube - Behind The Scenes:Rick Ross Feat. Curren, Wiz Khalifa "Super High (Sativa Remix)"[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Bone Thugs N Harmony-interview[/ame]
  3. LOL @ BoneThugs: "We just eat shrimp with our ramen noodles now!"

  4. :laughing:

    "Can you just keep it down below camera"

    *Takes fat ass hit*

    "Is this legal ?!?!"


  5. lol!!
  6. i think layzie bone is the HIGHEST of them all, matter of fact they all just fucking high lol
  7. Congrats...

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