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I'm high with hot chocolate

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MacGyverGirl, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Im really high and I'm making hot cocoa. Not a good idea. Is it supposed to be lava?
  2. well no.

    if you wanna split hairs, it's supposed to be magma.
  3. Added fluff and biscoff cookie spread fuck yeass
  4. im about to make some now

  5. goddamn I never knew such a thing existed

    those cookies are so delicious
  6. My esophogus is melting acid

  7. So fucking good
  8. Magma lava high peanut butter biscoff burp don't burns fuck
  9. Check out my set up
  10. I thought it was "smegma"? :confused:

  11. My high set up is:

    Hot cocoa (almost always with at least fluff)

    Sometimes vegetables

    Sometimes sweets

    Sometimes cereal
  12. A+ thread. Will read again.

    Why do I uncollapse this section.
  13. Ugh this thread is making me sick I just devoured a whole box of pastries and my stomach is telling me it was a bad idea to get baked around Christmas time.
  14. ^^^Tomorrow when I wake up I'm smoking to the last of my weed and then getting rip shirted to open my gifts ANSI may even do tr fancy peppermint hot
    Cocoa of I live
  15. Anybody like a good shot of peppermint schnapps in their hot chocolate?
  16. Never tried it. Never really liked alcohol
  17. Mint and chocolate go together so good! You don't even taste the alcohol.
  18. I'm stoned I sleep
  19. hahahaha, I just spat up my Pina colada drink

    I fucking died laughing at this. my entire high school career consisted of making smegma jokes with my friends. you'd be surprised at how few people know what that actually means, meaning you can say it in public and to the unsuspecting bystander it just sounds like kids talking about what they put on their toast or something

    I tried to rep but it said (and I quote) "no warden, fuck you, fizzly don't want none of that" and flashed a .gif of a middle finger

    have a good holiday, man
  20. havent tried it, but i have discover hot cocoa makes a great tool for covering up the (imho) nasty taste of mexican mudslide, quite a nice drink after that:)

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