I'm high... oh so high.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by AloisWolf, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. So last night around 11:15 P.M., I arrive at work, where I care for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. (Great job, btw if you like that type of population. Good benefits too, being a State Job.) My friend K. who works on the previous shit before me, had just picked up an Onion for your's truly.
    I told her that my car was unlocked and the packaged was delivered, inconspicuously. I had come to work high that night and I was busy eating my Cream of Broccoli with buttered roll that I had just got from Wawa. I was coming off my high when I realized that I had all this herb but nothing to roll it in. I was bummed out. On my break I went back to Wawa and purchased a Honey Dutch. Wawa does not selling rolling paraphernalia but they carry blunts... go figure.
    I suck at rolling blunts and quit shortly after ripping the damn thing open with my bare hands. I had an Eureka moment. I had found a black-n-mild my friend J. had left in the car. I smiled, because I knew what to do.
    I proceed to get the tobacco out by rolling it between my hands. Then I got the paper o ut of the middle in a similar fashion. Filled the spliff up and smoked.... OMG I GOT SO RIPPPPPED. I started getting a lil paranoid because I was so high at work, usualy I just get buzzed. Yeah... black-n-milds taste like shit, but if you take out the filter, they get you high as helllll. I recommend it to anyone.

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