I'm high at work!!

Discussion in 'General' started by E~Man, May 9, 2006.

  1. This shit is thight, I'm really fucked up... damn just one bowl too!! I'm at a call center so that's hard to do when high...wish me luck guys!!! just 40 minutes to go!
  2. what's a call center?
  3. Better hope they don't monitor your guys internet usage :(
  4. that would suck.

    but since it's not me i'd probably laugh at him because the thought of him getting busted because he posted on the forums is pretty damn funny.

  5. If you're ever on the phone with a big company, its a call center.
    Its also the fuckin solicitors that call you.
    well... I guess deep down I really do like the solicitors, because its a chance to let out all the anger ive built up during the day :eek: :( :mad: :eek: :D
  6. "Hello?"
    "Hello, would you be interested in saving on long distance calls?"
    "I don't know... I'm really high right now.
    "Woah shit dude so am I!"
  7. man i wait tables and i take bong rips of super silver haze 10 min before work, smoke in the kitchen with the cook and dishwashers it aint no thing makes time fly tho thats for sure
  8. I know I shouldn't admit to this..(working in an office environment and all) BUT..I usually take a bong hit befor heading to work.


    I am still able to focus though. HOWEVER- there have been times where I get lost staring at my phone and someone will walk by and startle me..... thats always fun.
  9. lol yea man i gotta punch in the orders on the comp and sometimes ill get distracted by the waitresses and ill hit the wrong number and ill go to drop the food off at the table and they are like wtf i ordered steak not shrimp or some shit sucks cause then no good tip
  10. Dhuude ! I'm in an office, high too!

    Ok, it's 4:55am, but shit it's F~d up when I get phoned and stuff. I used to work for Phones 4-U. and like, I had to answer the phone so many times saying "Hello Phones for you" .. it's actually installed in my answering a phone routine, which obviously, is bad now that I don't work there.

    So I'm like answering the phone, and having to physically not say p4u, man, it's tough. But hey life is tough!


    I just thoughta this joke right now...

    ..Why was the window crying so much?

    ..lol.. cos it was in pane!!!! OMG:hello:

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