im high and the cat is annoying me

Discussion in 'General' started by Gemini420, Oct 4, 2002.

  1. i have this cat....shes kinda a bitch adn im all high and she comes in here looking for this ANNOYING toy that i have to hide from her. I hide it because its loud enough to fing wake me up in the middle of the night!! :mad: so i hid it in my room really pretty far up.....adn i turn around and shes tryin to get the damn thing!!! :eek:

    The funny part is that i moved that toy WAY earlier today into a CABINET!! LOL so what the F is she doing??? :confused:

    alright theres my little story, any of you all have weird animals?

    fuckin high!! :smoking:

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  2. AHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAH Id like to share. wowo. Im getting drunk. (i can only imagine if I was stoney right now) and we are watching a friends dog, we call SHITHEAD. we call shithead, shithead cause we dont really like, or would own a small shithead dog such as the shithead that she is. but lol , dispite the pic, we do love dogs. BUT MAN she wont shut the fucking shit trap.

    a lil annoying bark here
    makes me want to drink more beer

    my doggie on the other hand is a doll. she is around the city somewhere dressed in a life preserver. hahaha.

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  3. btw. kitty is cute. whats her pussy cat name?
  4. HAHAHAHAHA OMG that pic made me laugh SO hard right now!!!! :D
    My cats name is Leese (or leesey) its along story of how i forgot my "lease" when i was trying to adopt her.....ahh its too long of a story to type when im all high!! :smoke: but thanks for saying shes cute man....annoying as all hell, but yeah cute

    Why is your dog whereing a life perserver in the city?!?!? WTF?? :confused:
  5. I had this great pic of my cat, Chunky Butt, smoking a joint but its too big and it wont let me post it. I love animals.....especially cute furry ones that like to get high with you!!!!!!
  6. aw do you have paint? program that is intitutionalized in every goddam pc that was ever invented? im gonna tell you now, hoping that you do in fact have a mac, but "open it with" Paint....then in one of the menis...options "stretch/skew/...." um the first two boxes like put in 50 and 50....i dunno if im even relatesing to you...but lemme know...I can help. hahah.. vote for me!!!
  7. wow. i dont remember posting a lot of this stuff last night. hahaha. I also dont remember eating about a pound of whipped tuna grandmama made earlier in the day.

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