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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by evo, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. he all.i'm evo, 25, i live in ohio.i used to smoke when i was a little younger but i had to give it up.i am still pro pot for everyone who wants it.

    i am taking heavy narcotics for an incurable injury to my back.sometimes i have to go to the hospital/doctor, for the pain and they test my urine.if they find pot in my system, they don't gve me the correct medicine.

    i have about 20 tattoos so i think it is becasue i have the typical "look" you know.people think i am a drug seeker.i need the medicine more than the other.it is just not worth the chance.

    hope to make some friends here.it looks like a cool place.
    if anyone knows if i can post an avatar up of my choosing, like a pic i already have, please let me know how and the pixel size.thank you
  2. nevermind on the avatar everyone.thanks anyway
  3. Welcome to the city. Stick around and have some fun!
  4. Welcome to our humble home here at the city!!! You are in ohio.........I have family in columbus (or they could have been abducted by aliens.....I havent heard from them in awhile). LOL

    But anyway..........welcome and join in our festivites........The more the merrier!!!!!!!

    Peace and love................
  5. I'm am newbie here too but I've been treated very well by every one I've met here and I've met quite a few. Welcome from as far as I know, the oldest member here:)
    Da"Real Young At Heart & Below"Captn
  6. HIGH All, a little late but hey...I'm here too!!!! Glad to meet a another neighbor to the South evo. Pretty sure you'll find yourself at home here.
  7. hey hows it going...im also new here and in columbus,ohio
  8. Welcome To Toker Town!!!

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