I'm Heading to the Moon...

Discussion in 'General' started by Digger, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. I've built my Saturn V, and i just got into low Earth Orbit. Gonna circle a few time's and vape some weed till i get my trajectory window to the Moon.

    Screenshot_20190721-150439_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-150504_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-150614_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-150720_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-150736_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-150747_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-150901_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg View attachment 2649676 Screenshot_20190721-151546_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-152200_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg
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  2. Is this like, a bitcoin thing?
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  3. Im on my way only 384.400KM to go,
    Screenshot_20190721-152948_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-153031_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-153941_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-154142_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-154411_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

    Gonna do a few lap's for a while, grind some more space weed. I bet Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins wernt stoned.
    Screenshot_20190721-154439_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg
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    De-orbit burn, The Turkey is going for the surface of the moon.
    Screenshot_20190721-155924_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-162110_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-163046_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-163357_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-163843_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg Screenshot_20190721-163920_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

    Ground Control to Major Tom, The Turkey has Landed...
    Screenshot_20190721-164006_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

    That's one small Seed for Man, one giant Plant for Mankind....

    Ps, just to dam stoned to fly home.
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  5. hey Digga mate what ya smoking buddy ,,,i wanna toke or two of what ever it is :vaping: is it like:jump:or :rave-girl:..mac....
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  6. ET, the Extra Testicle hooked me up with some some gear. Been kicking back on the Dark Side of the Moon getting stoned:)
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  7. did ya see any Aliens on the dark side of the moon ,and did have you seen what the Chinese are up to there on the dark side ,,,mac,,
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