I'm heading to hardware store to make a pipe

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  1. Ik galvanized steel is toxic but what other metals do I need to look out for and what should I get to build this pipe does anyone have any tips

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  2. What's a meerschaum

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  3. Have you tried PVC pipes?
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  4. Man, don't smoke out of shit that wasn't made to be smoked out of. Good way to land yourself in the ER or morgue.

    Go to your local headshop and buy a cheap basic piece. I know my LHS has a jar that changes every so often with pieces ranging from $6.00 +. They're just as good - I own one, bought specifically so I wouldn't risk carrying my special or expensive glass around friends who were clumsy.
  5. you sound underage, but if you are interested in a project try untreated wood and whittle it into a peice of art. Wouldn't recommend expoxy, but if you must just do the outsides and NOT the bowl area obviously.
  6. Oh and galavanized steel isn't exactly toxic it's the zinc fumes that are toxic. It can cause metal poisoning if you tig or mig weld without a mask.

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