I'm having Pho widthdrawls...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jimmy Carter, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Ever since I tried Pho for the first time about 1.5months ago, I cant stop thinking about it! I have only had it 3 times and I can crave it everyday :smoke:

    The last time I had it was about 2 weeks ago and I seriously and willing to ride a bicycle 4.8mi away to get it. I get really excited when I have this food too.

    please tell me there are phonatics out there :wave:
  2. Like.. Vietnamese soup?
  3. I like pho but I don't have that kind of addiction.

    I really have cravings for sushi though and usually end up going to all-you-can-eat sushi at least once every week or two.
  4. Yes The beef noodle soup. I love it!

    and lol I had sushi tonight :smoke:
  5. hahah this guy.

    ever tried searching you area?

    who know.. you mite have pho # 7 around.

    lol.. seriously tho.. iuno how many numbers they go upto now..


    damn vietnamese noodlE is sooo good.. with some hot sauce.

    this just got me hungry..
  6. Go to the Pho King, its pronounce fucking, I think its in LA

    I read about Pho in articles in skateboard mags lol, it really is addicting. That damn MSG let me tell you
  7. i thought pho was code for blo... then i saw it wasnt.... gc police out.
  8. whereabouts in norcal are you? there are about 10 pho places within a 5 mile radius of me lol.
  9. theres a pho place near me called dac fuk

    we asked the waitress how its pronounced and she said "da fuck"
  10. I can cook bomb ass pho..

    Srsly, your from nor cal and have only recently tried it? There's a Pho King in my city, too, and a ton of other silly vietnamese restaurant fuck-puns. I rarely eat out though when it comes to asian cuisine cause I can cook the same stuff for less, unless its sushi.
  11. I have Pho Vietnam in 2 cities close by. another place called Da Nang or something. theres also Pho Le which is 4.8mi away.

    I dont put much hot sauce. hella Hoisin though!
  12. i live ina really asian area. there are like ten phos with in ten miles. i live in norcal too now that i think of it
  13. 5 years from now we find OP sitting under a bridge banging down rocks of MSG, but still not satisfying the Pho urges. Next week on Intervention

  14. damn i thought there was a new drug out there i hadnt heard about yet
  15. it is. its a bowl of soup with noodles. then you put hot sauce. then you snort that shit.

    you ever snorted noodles before? its some next level shit
  16. yeah, until you get hooked, the real addicts bang that shit
  17. Funny thing is i'm vietnamese but i don't like pho haha i'm more of burgers, steaks, fries, and that other greasy, fried food ;)
  18. Cant talk about other drugs here lol.

    Of course im joking.

  19. Pffff MSG aint a drug, its THE drug.

    I love how Panda Express says they use no msg, yet everyone loves that shit as if its good chinese food, that shit is the schwag of chinese food and they MUST be putting msg in that shit hahahahaha
  20. I havent had chinese food in probbably 3 years?

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