I'm having one of those mornings...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by whats_marihuana, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. where life just sucks.

    Stupid rooster woke me up early by sitting outside of my window crowing.
    shut the window, still hear him.

    stupid cat wouldnt quit getting into stuff.
    moved her, did it again.

    spilled water on my shirt on the ground when I cleaned hair off my sink. (ew.)
    stepped in water after I put my socks on.

    and going to check on my plant, to see if the caterpillars ripped it apart. I really hope not, wish me luck.
  2. your life is surrounded by stupidity:D
  3. oh no! good vibes your way, bro, hope things shape up.

    my morning is sucking a big one too.
  4. Good luck man.

  5. Rooster? Do you live on a farm?
    My day started off shitty also! Smoke a bowl & things won't seem so bad.........;)
  6. Man, as soon as I woke up this morning:

    My mom found my sprout. I have to get rid of it now, and try again later =(
    My girl is ditching me to go to some stupid show tonight (Stomp) or something dumb.
    I got a dude comin over to do studio time, all my shit is a mess, i don't feel like working.
    I'm almost out of weed. And tommorow is the day before my T-Break.

    Good vibes ur way OP. I sure need em :(
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    as soon as I woke up:

    remember how much homework I need to do before 5 PM
    log onto GC and see 2 -rep's from people that can't read the tags to the thread I posted in so they completely misunderstood my post.

    I'm such a respectful person on this forum it's really sad to see the neg reps I got, makes me feel uncomfortable with this stoned-online community.

  8. Really hope your kidding about neg reps bringing you down haha
  9. tell me about it, i had a shitty morning, got woken up by my dad yelling at me and throwing my lunch money in my face.

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