I'm having a surprise birthday party in 3 hours

Discussion in 'General' started by SwagCaleb, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. But my family has no idea I know.
  2. You should surprise them first.
  3. False. You are having a birthday party in 3 hours
  4. When you walk in and they yell surprise you should have a panic attack and run back outside across the street. Or if there is someone by the door you can "accidentally" punch them in the face.
  5. Hide behind the the couch before everyone gets there hahah
  6. Lol yeah hide in a closet or the shitter or something and freak em out
  7. Hire a huge black dude and out him on the side of your house. Start walking towards your house like your going in normally so you raise no suspicion. Then as soon as you get to the door signal the black guy ti run in front of you and open the door. Watch the shocked reaction after they say surprise then walk in your house from behind the guy. Enjoy your party and eat some cake.
  8. For some reason I think it would be funny if you yell surprise at them right before they do.
  9. you're lucky....no one did shit for my birthday.

    well i did get laid that night but yea no party or nothing lol
  10. Smoke some pot. Y'know short term memory loss and all.
  11. Bust into the room with a knife and tons of fake blood all over you.

    Claim attacked by homeless, fought back.
    Chick dig guys who kill homeless.
  12. Make weed brownies and put them with all the other food, SURPRISE!
  13. I killed my family, hell of a surprise, eh?
  14. The od moment when your family knows you know and they just decide to not have a party at all.

    Bet you that doesn't feel good at all huh?
  15. Happy birrrffday man
  16. this reminds me of that episode of that 70s show
  17. dont show up or just make it really hard (thats what she said) for them to get you to said location.
  18. I see what you did there

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