I'm happy as long as...

Discussion in 'General' started by MaxAmmo, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. My knife at work stays sharp.

  2. I have internet access.
  3. I have air in my lungs.
  4. my bong is loading with a fat bowl .
  5. you a cook?

  6. Fail!

    Lol yep
  7. The Chargers win today

    OT DEN - SD 0:34\t

    Matt Prater kicked a 37-yard field goal to win

    ....... fuck

  8. haha nice, I worked as a line cook at a few places...good times good times
  9. WoW isn't down.
  10. i have a lucrative amount of that diggity dank dizzle on hand:smoke:

    im down to my last bowl :'(

    Edit: I'm not happy, not for long. That bowl will be gone soon enough.
  11. I have gas in the tank and weed in the pipe.

  12. Nice, I couldnt do line cook. No money and too hot.
  13. i have weed. (really no one else put this?)
  14. they don't scream too loud
  15. i dont get caught
  16. As long as people don't piss me off.
  17. im in good health and have a way to get around, a source of income, and a guy that doesnt take 3+ hours to run a 10 sac 100 ft from his house
  18. There's a roof over my head
  19. theres a roof over my head
    things are getting better
    im moving to florida in two more weeks
    and I found something wonderful that I thought Id lost forever.
  20. I'm happy as long as I'm alive.

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