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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by oleskool, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. I have it in the window & I put her (hopefully) on the patio for sun what esle can I do. I have nosey neighbors & not alot of funds, plus the infra-red planes are gonna be flyin soon.
  2. I'm just curious...what more can you tell me about these planes...I knew that the government uses this technology to search for cannibus, but I didn't know that they did it residentially. Anyways...I don't know much at all about this that's why I ask. How do you know when they fly over...do they just search for the heat of the lamps or do the plants themselves emit some sort of heat that they search for? Thanks for the help!
  3. I cant say for sure but I think they look for unusual hot-spots
    in garages and barns, a judge in the pacific NW recentely overturned a conviction as unconstitutional invaison of privacy with a guy who had a whole garage in his duplex converted. again im not an expert on infared tech but i cant imaginge how anthing over 400W?? would be noticable especially in a 70degree heated house????
  4. First, thanks for the replies.
    I live in north Carolina, the planes started flying last year. What they look for is the heat that the plant emits at night from the sun during the day. the crystals on the leaves & buds absorbs the light and it shows up with infra-red technology just like you or I would. This is pertaining to outside growing. I've heard that it lights up like a christmas tree. Here they use helicopters & planes.

    I have a friend of mine who ran a pretty big dro operation out of his WHOLE house, how he kept it low key was to run the elctricity through the stove, fridge, waterheater, etc to hide the power being used. That could be a thought for some of you. Without probable cause they shouldn't have a reason to come looking around, & here in N.C. the don't roll with infra-red in the cruisers.

    I killed my seedling trying to give it continuous light until I move it outside, but I got good insight from you guys & I know I can definately grow some monster green.


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