I'm growing dreads

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  1. you should do the time lapse thing where you take a pic of yourself once a day every day. that would be sick to see some dreads form.

  2. I don't have the discipline. It seems like when I tell myself I'm going to make it a point to do something every day, even if I had been doing it daily up to that point, I stop doing it...

    I'll take a picture every now and then though. Here's one I took a few days ago for another thread:

  3. i wanna see some locks !
  4. they are on their way. I love them already.

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  5. So you're not putting shit in your scalp but you're getting dreads, the most hygienic hairstyle.

  6. Looking great dude!

    Clean dreads are no less hygienic than clean, brushed hair.
  7. today is officially 2 months with my mane.

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  8. Glad to see your pics man. I'm anticipating mine, and I wonder when they will start to knot really good. Growing dreads from a shave is a long journey, especially with straight fine hair.
  9. I know what you mean about the straight hair. luckily I had been growing my hair to dread it for like almost 4 years and it was down to my ass. so they took pretty damn fast.
  10. I'd love to have some dreads, my hair grows fast and is pretty damn curly so I guess it would be pretty easy for me to do so.
    The thing is i'm fucking lazy, I like long hair, but shave my head just so I don't have to bother styling/doing anything with it ever. (except washing it obviously.)

    How much maintenance/effort do dreads take to grow and keep/keep clean? I know if I did end up growing them i'd love them so much that i'd probably take reasonable care of them, but they'll definately get neglected now and then and don't want to look like an instant grease-bag. lol

  11. A point of dreads is low-maintenance. Natural locks will form if you follow one simple rule: stop combing/brushing your hair.

    Use shampoo if you want, but I haven't for 2+ years and don't plan to ever again. Look at the pic on this page and you'll see my hair is far from greasy.

    Effort to grow: 0
    Effort to maintain: Same as "normal" hair.

    Some people call this method the "neglect" method, but I think that word attaches a negative stigma to locks, so I prefer to call it the natural method.

    Hence, "natty dreads mon"
  12. yeah man that's the whole point of dreads. not doing anything hahaha. sounds like the perfect hair style for you ;)

    me, I wash my hair once a week with dr. bronners soap, sometimes twice if I've had a rough week at work and I sweated a lot.
    and then I just wear a beanie allllllllllll the time.

    which is fine with me, before I started dreading my hair I wore beanies pretty much 24/7 anyway.
  13. Dr. Bronners is the stuff man.

    I've used soap in my hair twice in the last few years. Both times were after really dirty caving trips through a super dusty cave, and I had dirt caked on my scalp. Water just wasn't cutting it, but Dr. Bronners did the trick :) I wash my body with it every time I shower.
  14. Hmm, thanks for the knowlage guys. I actually just went to the barber shop today and got an all over shave, so I think I'm going to give this a try over the next few months and see how it turns out.

    Wish me luck blades!
  15. good luck man. I hope you dig it. dreads are one of the best things ive done. hahah. not even kidding. it's brought me a lot of happiness.

    and yeah I love my almond dr. bronners. :)))

  16. I'm slowly working my way through the scents, hahah
  17. Long dreads are so sexy, I used to have them for awhile but went back to normal. I hate brushing my hair since its long, wavy and a bitch to get knots out of.
  18. Keeping your hair clean is really important in the beginning stages because if lint, dirt etc. gets attached to any dreads it will stay there and look really gnarly once it grows out. A great mild shampoo to use that won't detangle your hair is the baby shampoo in the yellow bottle from Johnson's.
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    had prolly some of the nicest natty white folks locks ever. didnt do anything but have curly hair. I had em for prolly 5-6 years, halfway down my back. I cut em off over the summer, it was pretty liberating. I hate to say it but im a pretty private person and i guess they werent for me. I loved em while i had em, but looking back i really got sick of being mugged by any passerbys, asked for weed, and generally stereotyped by the ignorant. I used to tell people i didnt even smoke weed it got so annoying. anyways i wish u the best of luck, its low maintenence, and fun. i didnt mean to be down about it im just realistic, and giving u the advice one past dready to future dready.

    i have no idea how mine got round and shit and all the ends were neat without me doing shit, its all about idk, people always asked me how i did it and i just didn't comb my hair. I never really went through the disgusting stage most people do because i had my hair in a ponytail. I think its gross as hell when people wear half dreaded dreads down. That shit looks super unsanitary and gives it a bad name. well maintatined or getting lucky with ur hairstyle is chill. I had to eventually use some dandruff shampoo once every 2 months or so. my head would just get itchy and id keep scratching and get super pissed i couldnt fall asleep and then use some dandruff shampoo and id be good for a few months.

  20. i know what you mean, before i even started dreading my hair i would get looks by every person and the most retarded questions from people asking about my ears (they are stretched to a inch and a half) and my tattoos.

    so im kind of use to that, but im reallllly not looking forward to people extremely ignorant questions about the dreads, but thats why i plan to wear a beanie most of the time.

    like my tattoos and ears, im not dreading my hair to making anyone else happy but myself, and im completely content with wearing a beanie all the time and hopefully keeping people oblivious to my mane.

    i dont think half the people in my daily life know i have dreads yet to be completely honest.

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