im gonna start a review column

Discussion in 'General' started by astro_righteous, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. so yeah thats about it. thats my big stoned idea i have had for the past couple weeks.

    i just thought of it cuz i went and saw the black knight as a preview. and then a few weeks ago i got to see a preview for Pineapple Express. and i was like damn i would like to tell people i liked it and not what it was about but just that its a badass movie.

    they give out passes on the radio all the time where im at and i always go get them so i figure i should at least get my input out there.

    im just wondering how i should go about publishing my reviews. i would also do local music shows. and other stuff im interested in. maybe some product reviews. like oh shit i got this badass bud today and im smoking it and im so high and it feels great you guys should get some of this before it goes dry.

    or whatever. any ideas how i can go about that. i mean i dont want to do it here. cuz i could care less about other people's opinion of my opinion, i just want people to read my opinion. i know thats an egoist way of looking at it but its not really a discussion just that i thought it was good or bad and i explain why. so again i wouldnt do it here. unless they made a sticky for me but thats hoping too much.

    look at me ramble and im not even stoned. i havent smoked in like 2 days.

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