Im gonna have fun tonite

Discussion in 'General' started by seekup, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. Got some nugs and some shrooms too.......... only second time shroomin, so ill be chillin out all night. heres some pics of the bud, ill post some of the mushrooms later.

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  2. pic

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  3. Those are some pretty nice buds!

    Have fun tonite!
  4. here are the shrooms

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  5. Looks fucking awsome man. have a fun night
  6. damn ur lucky...i cant wait to get some shrooms
  7. took em a lil over an hour ago........ feelin pretty good, bout to go for a walk
  8. finally commin down, feel shitty as hell right now.......but id do it again tommorow. i feel like such a druggy.
  9. How was your trip? Anything interesting visuals?

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